How To Create Online Photo Albums For Storing Photos

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How To Create Online Photo Albums For Storing Photos
How To Create Online Photo Albums For Storing Photos

Video: How To Create Online Photo Albums For Storing Photos

Video: How To Create Online Photo Albums For Storing Photos
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There are a huge number of paid and free services for storing photos on the Internet. They differ in the amount of space provided, the requirements for the size and quality of photos and the possibilities for editing them. The main disadvantages of free cloud storage are restrictions on the size of uploaded photos, and in some cases, the storage period of files.

web albums are very popular
web albums are very popular

Google+ Photo. Photo storage and processing

For free cloud storage, Google+ Photo is the best choice. The service is perfect for a novice user. Photos are loaded automatically. It is enough to take a photo of something using a smartphone or connect a memory card of the camera to a computer, and all the photos will be exported to the cloud.

The service offers a convenient method for sorting pictures, built-in date search and a well-developed online editor to improve the quality of pictures. Google+ offers flexible photo privacy settings. Pictures can be shared with friends or specific circles, individuals, all users, or anyone. In addition, it is possible to set up automatic synchronization between all devices.

You can upload an unlimited number of images if you allow Google to automatically reduce them to 2048 pixels on the long side. This resolution is more than enough for amateur photography. To use this function, you must uncheck the "Upload photos in full size" option in the account settings.

You can also upload an endless number of videos to Google+. They should not be longer than 15 minutes and should be 1080 pixels in size.

Google+ has a handy editor for online photo editing. The auto correction function allows you to automatically correct the brightness, contrast or saturation of the image. If you do not like the proposed result, you can adjust the settings manually. It is also possible to correct only certain areas of the image. In the editor, such effects are available as transferring a photo to black and white, giving a retro or vintage effect, focusing an image on a selected area, and some others.

Yandex photos. Create photo albums

The main advantages of the service are a simple interface and unlimited storage space for photos. In addition, there are many additional features. Photos can be sorted into albums, sorted by the date and time they were taken or uploaded to the server, or sorted manually.

When uploading a photo, the privacy settings are set, while it is possible to prohibit comments on the photo, restrict publication. You can even share pictures with those friends who do not have a Yandex. If you want to remove direct links to your image from other sites, you can use the "Edit Link" function. At the same time, the photo on Yandex will remain unchanged.

To share a photo uploaded to Yandex-Photos with friends on other social networks, click the Share link or the service icon to the right of the photo.

In addition, the portal provides ample opportunities for communication. Here you can discuss work with other photographers, leave comments on pictures, vote for "Photo of the Day", participate in various competitions.

Posting photos on paid resources

Professionals are better off using paid services. Sites,, and others are popular among them. On these Internet resources, you can get qualified comments and criticism, exchange experiences, and discuss the work of colleagues. They differ mainly in the cost of the annual payment, the amount of space provided and the breadth of the audience.