How To Add A Guestbook To Your Site

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How To Add A Guestbook To Your Site
How To Add A Guestbook To Your Site

Video: How To Add A Guestbook To Your Site

Video: How To Add A Guestbook To Your Site
Video: Add a Guestbook to your Website 2023, September

Your site can be modified with many additional components, various plugins, extensions, and so on. Moreover, the installation of any add-ons does not require special knowledge. Such modules can be installed on the Joomla engine.

How to add a guestbook to your site
How to add a guestbook to your site


Step 1

Install the Joomla engine on the registered hosting. Next, download the special Easybook guestbook module. If the downloaded module is not in the archive (zip), then put all the files of the module in the zip-archive so that when you open the archive you will see all the files of the module, do it in the following way: - select all files with the left mouse button; - click on any of the selected files with the right mouse button; - select "Add to archive"; - specify the name, type and location of the future archive.

Step 2

Log into the administration panel by the engine by entering your username and password specified during installation.

Step 3

Select the "Install / Uninstall" menu item, then click on the "Components" item.

Step 4

In the window that opens, find the link "Download the package file and then install the item". Under this item, find the "Browse" button, click on it.

Step 5

Find the previously downloaded archive, select it, click OK. Then click on the "Download and Install" button. When the file is uploaded, you will see a "File uploaded" message.

Step 6

Select "Components", in the menu that opens, select Easybook. This is where the module settings are changed.

Step 7

Make this guestbook module work by creating an item in any menu and linking it to the module. To be able to call the guestbook from the main menu, do the following. Open the main menu, in it select the mainmenu item. Click on the "New" button. Select the "Component" menu type, click "Next".

Step 8

Set the parameters of the new component: write a name, select the component itself (Easybook). Do not touch the rest of the settings.

Step 9

Save the settings. Now go to your website and check if the component is working or not.

Step 10

Disable the unnecessary feature "Required e-mail when adding a new entry": select the "Components" item, then click on the Easybook item and "Edit configuration". Select the "Fields" item, set the value to "No" for two items - "Show email field" and "Force to show the email input field".