What Program To Make A Video

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What Program To Make A Video
What Program To Make A Video

Video: What Program To Make A Video

Video: What Program To Make A Video
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The most affordable and user-friendly video maker is Pinnacle Studio. It is designed for ordinary users, has a lot of possibilities for processing photo and video materials. Other programs, such as Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas, require specific skills and are a little more difficult to use.

Making a video is fun
Making a video is fun


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Step 1

With the help of the video editing program, you can make a video dedicated to a particular celebration or a whole segment of your life. Start your actions by uploading all the video materials for the video in one package - this way it will be much more convenient for you to navigate when creating a movie. Select photos that fit the meaning of the planned theme of the video - you can use various greeting cards, move this material to a separate folder.

Step 2

When capturing video using Pinnacle Studio, you can immediately divide it into convenient fragments: 30 seconds, 1 minute, or from the moment you start recording to the stop command. Whereas other programs, for example, Adobe Premiere, import your material into a single whole, and you need to constantly "cut" it.

Step 3

With Pinnacle Studio, you will see great possibilities for adding special effects. You can apply a "drop" or "wave" to any image, while independently choosing the time interval of the special effect and its location - in the corners or in the center of the screen. Other video editors often provide only a template overlay effect with programmed placement and time interval.

Step 4

If you want to add photos to your video, Pinnacle Studio lets you fill the photo or overlay it on top of the video. You can adjust the size and number of photos yourself, and you can easily stretch the time in which the photo will be reflected. In this program, photos are not rotated, but moved only in the vertical or horizontal direction, while in Adobe Premiere it is possible to cut fragments from a photo and rotate it.

Step 5

Choosing transitions for connecting video fragments in Pinnacle Studio, you will find a huge catalog on various topics that are associated with the brightest moments of life: "Wedding", "Baby's birth", "Vacation at sea" and others. There are sections in this program with slow transitions, such as: "Flying Windows", "Crashing Particles", etc. Such a wide variety of choices are hard to find in other video editors.

Step 6

You will see the tremendous possibilities for overlaying titles in Pinnacle Studio. Here you can choose ready-made templates of moving texts, you just have to enter the words of your text, or you can create your own unique titles. When creating, you can use hundreds of different fonts and choose any color scheme. In this program, you can mix your favorite colors and get your own unique version, for example: the upper edge of the letters is in one tone, and the lower one is completely different, that is, in each letter you can "fill" four colors on its sides.

Step 7

Working in other programs for creating videos, you will only come across predefined templates and will not be able to realize your fantasies. If you need to quickly create a video, just adding your music and signing a couple of lines, then use PaintNet, Uliad Video Studio or Picasa.

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