How To Set Up Icq On A Computer

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How To Set Up Icq On A Computer
How To Set Up Icq On A Computer

Video: How To Set Up Icq On A Computer

Video: How To Set Up Icq On A Computer
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ICQ is an Internet service that is used to help users exchange short messages. To become one of the users of this service, you need to install the program and configure the settings.

How to set up icq on a computer
How to set up icq on a computer


Step 1

First of all, you need to download the ICQ program from the developer's site or from any other source. The program is free.

Step 2

Install the program to your computer. The installation process is the same as for installing other programs.

Step 3

After finishing the installation of the program, you need to configure ICQ on your computer. The registration window will open. Select one of two buttons in it: NEW USER… - for new users, and EXISTING USER… - for users already registered in the system. The second button allows you not to lose your number and existing contacts in case of reinstalling the operating system, changing the program and in other similar cases.

Step 4

Since you do not have registration yet, click on the first button, which will start the registration process and set up ICQ on your computer.

Step 5

Please complete all required fields. The first two fields can be left blank (first and last name), but the nickname and email address must be filled. Be sure to fill in the two bottom fields - password and password repeat. With this password you will be able to access your ICQ number.

Step 6

Next, you need to fill in several fields (gender, date of birth, country, city, languages that you know), which are optional.

Step 7

In the next window you will see the ICQ number assigned to you. It is advisable to write it down somewhere. In the same window, select - whether any user needs your permission to enter your number in his contact list, or such permission is not required.

Step 8

Then uncheck all the boxes and click START. The setup is complete. After starting the program, enter the password. If you did everything correctly, then a green flower will appear below (red means that the program could not connect to the network for some reason).

You can start chatting with your friends.

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