How To Make The KS Server Popular

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How To Make The KS Server Popular
How To Make The KS Server Popular

Video: How To Make The KS Server Popular

Video: How To Make The KS Server Popular
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After creating their Counter Strike game server, many gamers are faced with the problem of its low attendance. For newbies, the task of increasing the number of players on the created server can be daunting. However, using a number of tools, it is quite possible to achieve round-the-clock fullness of your game resource.

How to make the KS server popular
How to make the KS server popular


  • - high-quality gaming hosting or a productive PC;
  • - wide internet channel;
  • - about 100 rubles. (not necessary).


Step 1

Before starting to promote your CS-server, carefully prepare it according to several parameters. First, make sure that various plugins, player models, unintended by the game, textures and sounds are not installed on your resource. All this will definitely alienate a potential fan of your server, as it will increase the waiting time. Leave only the necessary modules, traditional models and maps, that is, unload your resource as much as possible.

Step 2

When preparing, do not forget to install a plugin that allows both Non-steam- and Steam-players to enter your server. Set up a round-the-clock operating mode of your gaming resource, which will attract the category of night gamers. If possible, try to appoint adequate and responsible administrators who can constantly monitor the situation in the game.

Step 3

After preparing your CS server, add its ip-address to various monitors. They can be both paid and free. Here is a small list of free monitoring servers for CS:




Step 4

Add your server address to the site base Find at the bottom of this page the form for filling out the Submit server, select the required version of the game, enter the ip of your server in the field and click the Add Server button. After that, your game resource will be monitored worldwide.

Step 5

On the same site, if you wish, use the Server Boost service - click on the Masterserver Boost link in the left vertical menu. This service adds your resource to the list of the most popular KS servers, consisting of 200 addresses. Your address will be in this top for about a day. The cost of the service is 2 euros. During the day that your resource is on the list, you can get regular players, who, in turn, will tell their friends about your server.

Step 6

Also, to attract players, use various social networks, gaming forums, etc. for advertising purposes. Create your own gaming site, where the players of your server will communicate, announce various contests and clan competitions on it. Interesting ideas will not only attract gamers to your CS server, but also make it quite popular in the Counter Strike gaming environment.

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