How To Enable Search

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How To Enable Search
How To Enable Search

Video: How To Enable Search

Video: How To Enable Search
Video: How to enable Enhanced Search Mode in Windows 11 and Windows 10 ? 2023, March

You may need to enable Windows Search if you accidentally remove or intentionally disable the search function, which is one of the basic settings of the Microsoft Windows operating system. The operation does not require deep knowledge of computer resources and can be performed by the user with minimal experience.

How to enable search
How to enable search


Windows 7


Step 1

Click the "Start" button to bring up the main system menu and go to the "Control Panel" item to perform the operation to enable Windows search. 2. Select the "Add or Remove Programs" section and expand the "Windows Components" link.

Step 2

Select the "Add or Remove Programs" section and expand the "Windows Components" link.

Step 3

Check the Windows Search box and click OK to apply the selected changes.

Step 4

Uncheck the Windows Search box to completely disable the selected component and click OK to confirm the command.

Step 5

Return to the "Control Panel" node to enable alternative search and select the "Large icons" item from the "View" menu of the top toolbar of the program window.

Step 6

Select the Programs and Features section and expand the Turn Windows features on or off link in the left pane.

Step 7

Apply the checkbox to the "Windows Search" field and confirm your choice by clicking the "Yes" button in the system prompt window.

Step 8

Click OK in the Windows Components window to execute the command and restart your computer to apply the selected changes.

Step 9

Return to the "Control Panel" and select the "Folder Options" section to configure the search options in folders.

Step 10

Go to the "Search" tab of the dialog box that opens and apply the checkbox to the "Always search by file names and content" field in the "What to look for?" to use the content parameter in the search process, or use the Indexed Applications option to limit the search to filenames.

Step 11

Specify the desired search criteria in the "How to search?" and apply a check box to one of the fields: Include subfolders in search results when searching folders, Search for partial matches, Use language search, or Do not use index when searching for system files in folders.

Step 12

Select the Include system files check box in the When searching non-indexed locations section to search using system files, or select the Include compressed files option to search archives recognized by the computer's operating system.

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