How To Make Money On The Internet At Forex

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How To Make Money On The Internet At Forex
How To Make Money On The Internet At Forex

Video: How To Make Money On The Internet At Forex

Video: How To Make Money On The Internet At Forex

Earning money in the foreign exchange market attracts more and more people every day thanks to competent promotion, beautiful stories about the rich life of traders and the prospects of sitting at a computer, pressing a button and withdrawing thousands of dollars to a card. Of course, this is all real, but you need to approach such a matter as Forex wisely and with great care.

How to make money on the Internet at Forex
How to make money on the Internet at Forex


a productive computer that can work for a long time without rebooting, reliable Internet access, a large enough amount of money to open an account


Step 1

Only a person who has read many books on currency transactions, technical analysis and economics can make money on Forex. Do not believe the advertisements in the newspaper, which promise to teach Forex in a month, after which you will "row the loot with a shovel." Only years of bumping practice will help you become a professional and highly profitable trader. Therefore, before registering with a dealing center and creating an account, gain the necessary theoretical knowledge.

Step 2

When you successfully understand all the terms associated with the foreign exchange market, and understand what traders write about on the Forex forums, proceed to practical exercises. There are many offline currency trading simulators on the network. Do not get carried away with them - you will not get special trading skills on them. Register at dealing centers and create a virtual account. Trading in virtual currency provides the necessary baggage of practical knowledge, without which it makes no sense to invest real money - burn out.

Step 3

Choose a dealing center responsibly. Now there are too many of them (which speaks of the high profitability of Forex, because dealing centers live on a percentage of users' operations, therefore, users make good money on this, otherwise there would be no point in opening a DC). Be wary of those who offer to start trading with one dollar - this is an insignificant amount for Forex and it is almost impossible to trade with it, just the dealing center is trying to collect as much money as possible from the people.

Step 4

Trade only with those funds that you will not mind losing. With a rough estimate, in order to receive a decent monthly income from Forex, you need to invest an apartment in it at least. If you are ready for such sacrifices, then go for it.

Step 5

You can also make money on Forex without trading, but by giving your account in trust for a certain percentage. This is very dangerous and also requires a lot of investment, because no one wants to tinker with scanty accounts, but at the same time, transferring an account into trust is a great way to invest on the Internet.

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