How To Find Friends And Acquaintances Online

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How To Find Friends And Acquaintances Online
How To Find Friends And Acquaintances Online

Video: How To Find Friends And Acquaintances Online

Video: How To Find Friends And Acquaintances Online
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Modern technologies have brought a lot of useful things into our lives. So, with the help of now very popular social networks, now you can easily and quickly find a person with whom you were familiar in the past or would like to meet.

How to find friends and acquaintances online
How to find friends and acquaintances online


  • - computer or laptop;
  • - Internet connection;
  • - contact information of friends or acquaintances whom you would like to find;
  • - Email;
  • - mobile phone.


Step 1

Decide on the ultimate goal of your search: whether this will be a new friend or an old acquaintance, whether the goal of the search is communication or business cooperation. Depending on this, the algorithm of your actions may differ significantly - some social networks are more adapted for easy friendly communication, others were originally created for searching and communicating with colleagues, employees or employers.

Step 2

If the purpose of your search is to restore the lost connection with family or friends, then you should pay attention to such social networks as Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, Facebook - they have the most simple, understandable and convenient functionality for finding friends, relatives, classmates or other people who have something in common with you.

Step 3

Register with one of the email services - an account with such a service is an essential attribute for registration in most existing social networks. Remember or write down the email address you created and the password to it; during the registration process on the social network, a confirmation email will be sent to this address.

Step 4

Register with the selected social network. At this stage, you may need a mobile phone, since many social networks require a phone number at the final stage of registration in the network. If during the registration process and filling out a questionnaire on the social network site you are asked to enter an SMS-confirmation code - enter the code that will come to you in the form of an SMS to your mobile phone number.

Step 5

Fill out the personal data questionnaire as completely, reliably and thoroughly as possible, which you will be prompted to fill in the interface of any social network immediately after registration. How accurately you fill out the questionnaire directly depends on how easy you can find your classmates, work colleagues or relatives. In the same way, how easy it will be for your acquaintances to find you on the social network depends on the completeness of the information you provide.

Step 6

The interface of most social networks will automatically suggest your possible acquaintances or friends based on the data that you entered in the profile. If among them there were not those you were looking for, try to do it manually through a special search form, usually located at the top of your personal page.

Step 7

If you have not found your friends or relatives, for example, on Odnoklassniki, try repeating the procedure on VKontakte or another social network.

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