What To Do If You Can't Go To The "VKontakte" Page

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What To Do If You Can't Go To The "VKontakte" Page
What To Do If You Can't Go To The "VKontakte" Page

Video: What To Do If You Can't Go To The "VKontakte" Page

Video: What To Do If You Can't Go To The "VKontakte" Page
Video: Can't open VKontakte 2023, March

Social networks have taken a large place in everyday life. From the first cup of coffee in the morning to the last book at night, a person glances briefly or for a long time at interesting pages. However, sometimes the computer may not "show" the cherished links. And there are reasons for this.

Caught by social media
Caught by social media

Vkontakt is a huge network of users all over Russia and the world. A significant part of the population “disappears” in it every day, spending more than one hour in search of interesting information, communication, and just relaxation. But what if one day the required link does not open?

Why is Vkontakt silent

Among the most common reasons are the following:

Incorrectly entered address or incorrect spoof link. This happens when the user has incorrectly entered the site name in the address bar. The browser will not understand such a request and will either give an error or, if associated with any search engine, the search results and among them the correct address. It also happens that the user has a link saved and is available with one click of the mouse, but the site does not open. In this case, you should check if the link has been rewritten by malware. Otherwise, the user can get to a fake page with a name like "vknotakte.ru" without noticing the error in time.

When the page does not open at all, and the browser regularly throws an error, there may be another reason. This will require some knowledge of the "internals" of the operating system and direct hands. Go to the Windows -> System 32 -> drivers -> etc folder and find the hosts file. Next, you need to open it either in notepad or in any text editor from WorPad to Word and remove all labels except localhost. Then save the changes and reboot the system.

If the first two options did not help, there is only one thing left - to find the Cure IT utility and scan computers for viruses.

"Vkontakt" or how not to become a victim of scammers

In addition to the above, you are unlikely to go to a social network or your account if you were careless in communicating with suspicious individuals or performed some of the following actions:

Some users send you a private message, where they offer to go to this or that page. If you have not met this person before, the address clearly arouses suspicion - do not do this, but send the spammer himself to the "Black List".

It also happens that the desire to download music or video from Vkontakte will prevail over common sense, and the user, together (or instead of) with the necessary utility, will download the virus. This is a very common case, so it is not recommended to download from little-known sources.

You can also, on occasion, "slip" a page that supposedly resembles the one that leads to a social network. This happens along with the phrase; "Here, look at my cool pictures!" But in fact, the link leads to a clone page, where you enter your password and login, and instead of "Vkontakte" you lose the data to enter the page.

Therefore, the main rule in places of public Internet use is to be careful and only caution!

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