What Can You Call A VKontakte Group

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What Can You Call A VKontakte Group
What Can You Call A VKontakte Group

Video: What Can You Call A VKontakte Group

Video: What Can You Call A VKontakte Group
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When you come up with a name for the VKontakte group, it is important for whom and for what purpose you are creating it. The name of the group should reflect its purpose. This could be the name of a business, general interest, hobby, website, book, movie, or something else.

The name of the group is determined by the purpose of its creation
The name of the group is determined by the purpose of its creation

What should be considered in the name of the group

The name of the group is the first thing that potential subscribers see. Therefore, it is important that it reflects its essence and is attractive. The title doesn't have to be very long.

Ask yourself again why you are creating a group. The title should reflect its content.

The name of the VKontakte group is easy to change. To do this, just go to the "Community Management" section, write another name for the group and save the settings. Do not forget to warn your subscribers about this.

If you study at an educational institution and create a group for fellow students, then you can name it by the name of the institution, specifying the year, course and specialty.

If you are the author of a book, you can give the group its own name by adding information about the book. For example: Ivan Petrov, author of The Journey to the World of Minerals.

If you are a musician and dedicate the band to your creativity, you can do the same. When it comes to business, the name of the group should reflect what you do.

It is also important to consider who you are creating the group for.

Consider age, gender, possible interests, political views, and place of residence of potential subscribers.

You will recruit a large number of people if you name the group "Moscow and Muscovites" or "City on the Neva", as the name suggests that it is intended for residents of these large cities. But you can recruit even more people if the name of the group reflects something global and familiar to everyone.

Interest group name

A group can be about a band you love, a popular book, a movie, or a famous actor or writer. Then it makes sense to choose a name of the same name for the group.

If the group is about any common interest - cats, dogs, bicycles, fishing - there is more freedom for creativity. But do not forget that the title should cover the main theme of the community.

If you do not set yourself any specific task, but want to create a VKontakte group just like that, then you can come up with a playful name.

Funny names for the group

"I had an affair with Ani Lorak." If you wish, "Ani Lorak" can be replaced with any other name.

A title that might interest Titanic fans: "Dear Rose, Jack could very well fit on that door with you."

"When I read capital letters, THE VOICE IN MY HEAD SCREAMS LOUDLY."

"What did the guy who opened the milk do to the cow?"

"I'll name my son Batman if this page gets 500,000 subscribers."

"A group for those who have suffered from the game in the" Zombie Farm "application

"Join this group if you've ever tried to open a door marked" Closed"

"Who is cooler: Tom Cruise or Johnny Depp?"

"If at least one person joins this group, I will eat a sandwich."

Dwarf Liberation Front

"A group for people who join groups and do nothing after that"

"If I die, I allow my friends to write in my status" died"

"On May 20, 2020, everyone will go out into the street and will panic a lot"

"Reality is an illusion caused by a lack of alcohol."

"What can you do on the exam if you know you will not pass it"

"I love wearing a hood because I'm cold, not because I'm going to stab you."

"Before putting on your headphones, remember that L is for the left ear and R is for the right."

"Of the 940,000 people who join this group, one will be bitten by bears."