How To Dial The Code

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How To Dial The Code
How To Dial The Code

Video: How To Dial The Code

Video: How To Dial The Code
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You can contact a subscriber from another country in different ways: someone prefers Internet telephony, someone calls using telephone cards or from a mobile phone. But many people still prefer to use landline phones. Let's consider today this particular option - how to dial an international code from a regular phone.

How to dial the code
How to dial the code


To make a call using an international code, you need a regular phone


Step 1

Pick up the handset, you will hear a continuous beep.

Step 2

Dial "8" - this will allow you to enter the intercity service. After this dialing, you will hear a long continuous beep again.

Step 3

Dial "10" - and you will go to international service.

Step 4

Then dial the country code.

Step 5

Then dial the area code.

Step 6

Now dial the number of the person you are calling and wait for an answer.

Step 7

Let's go through this chain using the example of Ukraine. For example, let's call Kiev.

The code of Ukraine is 380, the code of Kiev is 44.

So, we dial: 8-10-380-44-your subscriber's phone number.

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