How To Connect A Network Media Player

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How To Connect A Network Media Player
How To Connect A Network Media Player

Video: How To Connect A Network Media Player

Video: How To Connect A Network Media Player
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A network media player is a home electronics device that allows you to play media content hosted on network resources. The media player acts as an intermediary between a regular TV and a home network or the Internet.

How to connect a network media player
How to connect a network media player


  • - HDNI cable;
  • - SCART cable.


Step 1

The first way is through the HDNI connector. This is the most convenient and modern option. All TVs and media players are currently equipped with this connector. In this case, you only need an HDNI cable to connect, which is usually included with the media player itself.

Step 2

So, use this cable to connect both of these devices. Wait a while for the media player to load. The procedure usually takes no more than a few seconds. But it may take a little more time.

Step 3

Next, go to the settings. For audio output, specify the “Dual Channel” format in the media player settings. For the video image to appear, in the technical specifications of the TV, find out which video signal mode it supports, and set the appropriate one on the media player. You may not need to do this, because in some cases the signal is set automatically. That's all for the HDNI connector.

Step 4

The next connection method is a component signal. It is used in the absence of an HDNI connector. Make sure your media player has component video output. If everything is in order, then use a cable with three RCA connectors at both ends. This is nothing more than a "tulip". It is impossible to make a mistake in this case, since all connectors have the same colors as the connectors.

Step 5

It is also possible to connect a media player via SCART, which in its essence is a connector standard, but not a video transmission standard. To do this, you need a SCART cable. It will transmit both audio and video in the RGB standard.

Step 6

A few words about the ability to connect a media player via the S-Video standard. Be sure to check that the correct connector is present on your device. A four-pin connector is most commonly used in TVs and media players. In the event that the media player has an SRART output, and the S-Video is on the TV, then use an adapter or a special cable.

Step 7

And finally, one more connection option is through the composite output. It is undesirable to resort to this method, since it is of the least quality. With its help, you can check the performance of the device upon purchase. Well, and, as a last resort, connect a media player if all of the above methods are impossible.

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