How To Remove A Ban Sheet

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How To Remove A Ban Sheet
How To Remove A Ban Sheet

Video: How To Remove A Ban Sheet

Video: How To Remove A Ban Sheet
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To punish the user for incorrect behavior on the network, the moderators of most sites block his access to the resource or completely delete the account of the offending user from the project database. Thus, the administration adds it to the "black" list, called a ban list.

How to remove a ban sheet
How to remove a ban sheet


Step 1

Being in the ban list, the user cannot view the site information, leave comments or send messages to any of the registered users of the resource. However, sometimes there are times when a person even knows that he was in the ban list. If you find yourself on the banned list, do not rush to get upset and do not try to register a new account (in many cases, access to the site is blocked by IP address).

Step 2

To remove yourself from the ban list, establish an Internet connection. Go to the site as a guest and find out the possible reasons for the ban. To do this, you need to familiarize yourself with the resource rules with which you agreed upon registration. Remember what actions you have taken recently on this site. It is quite possible that your punishment is deserved.

Step 3

If you know the reason for blocking your account, find the address for feedback in one of the menu sections or at the bottom of the site. This can be either a special form for exchanging messages with the administration of the project, or an e-mail of the support service.

Step 4

Go to your e-mail box and write a letter to the site administration. In this case, your e-mail must be the same that you indicated during registration. Thus, you once again confirm to the addressee of your own message that you are a user of the blocked account.

Step 5

Explain in the text of the letter exactly what reasons prompted you to commit incorrect actions. Please apologize and promise not to make the same mistake again. If you consider yourself innocent, do not give in to your emotions anyway and in a polite manner ask why you were banned. Also include the date and time when you found your account blocked.

Step 6

Send an email and wait for a response message from the support service. If in a response letter you will be shown the reasons for blocking that you were not aware of, write again to the site administration with a logical explanation of your actions and reactions. Be extremely polite and correct. The timing of the moderator's response may depend on this.

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