How To Install 3d Models

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How To Install 3d Models
How To Install 3d Models

The longer you play a computer game, the more often you get the idea that something needs to be changed. Either the mood is changing, or the game itself is boring, but the idea of updating at least the player's model is becoming more and more attractive.

How to install 3d models
How to install 3d models


Installation programs for 3-d models: 3D Studio Max, Milkshape 3D


Step 1

In this case, programs for creating 3d models become a special assistant, in which you can either invent a character yourself, or use someone else's project. If you have 3D Studio Max skills, create your own 3d model. Run the program and draw a mesh for the future model. Then apply bright textures, which later will allow you to notice the player model more quickly, and then save the project of the created player.

Step 2

You can also download the 3d-model project from the Internet by going to the appropriate section on the website of your game. In any case, when you create a character or download an archive of characters and then unpack it, you will need to install them into the game. To do this, run a program, for example Milkshape 3D, which adapts 3d models for computer games. Export the new model to this program and save with the extension "mdl".

Step 3

Open the folder on your computer that contains all the files needed for the game and find the Models section, which contains all the used character and weapon models. Click once on the model to replace, copy and paste it into another folder, so that in case of incorrect operation of the new character, you can return the previous player. Rename the copied file, then copy the updated 3d model to the Models folder.

Step 4

Start your game after copying is complete. Then find a server that tests the functionality of 3d models and check the new character for correct functioning. If you have created a low-quality model or downloaded a poorly designed character, you will see an "Error" sign in the place of your hero, or you will not find your character at all. In this case, return the original models to the Models folder and restart the computer game.

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