How To Make An Electric Motor In Minecraft

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How To Make An Electric Motor In Minecraft
How To Make An Electric Motor In Minecraft

Video: How To Make An Electric Motor In Minecraft

Video: How To Make An Electric Motor In Minecraft
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Many gamers strive to surround themselves with everyday things in Minecraft. To do this, they create in the game not only houses equipped with modern household appliances and furniture, but also various mechanisms. Some of them use an electric motor, which also needs to be created.

The electric motor is used in many designs
The electric motor is used in many designs

Building an electric motor at Forestry

It is important to make a reservation right away: crafting an electric motor is impossible without special mods. One of the modifications suitable for those who are eager to create mechanisms with such an engine is Forestry. However, since this mod was released as an add-on to Industrial Craft2, it won't work without it. It is also advisable to install BuildCraft as well - then many more different materials and crafting recipes will become available.

To craft an engine in Forestry, you first need to collect the necessary resources. First of all, tin ingots are required, obtained in the furnace after the corresponding ore is melted down. The latter is mined at a height of 16-91 blocks from the adminium (bedrock) and occurs quite often - up to ten to eighteen deposits per chunk. It looks like an ordinary stone with light gray splashes.

Tin bars - along with copper bars - are also required to craft gears from this metal. To do this, they need to be placed on the workbench in the form of a cross: so that the copper ingot is in the center, and the corners are empty. However, if the BuildCraft mod was also installed, a slightly different recipe for creating a tin gear will become available. In it, everything is done in about the same way, but instead of a copper ingot, a stone gear will be used.

To craft an electric motor, you also need glass. It is produced in a way known to many experienced gamers - by burning sand blocks in a furnace. Experienced players probably know the recipe for creating another element necessary for an engine - a piston. To do this, an iron ingot is installed in the center of the workbench, under it there is red dust, on the sides of them there are four cobblestones, and on top there are three blocks of boards.

Now it remains to collect all the parts on the machine. In its upper horizontal row, you need to put three tin ingots, in the center - a glass block, under it - a piston, on the sides of which there will be two tin gears. The resulting electric motor after such manipulations can be charged via wires or simply put a red energy crystal or a battery inside it.

Electric motor at Universal Electricity

Forestry is not the only mod with which it is possible to create an electrically powered engine. The same option is available with Universal Electricity. Here, electric motors are used to craft various machines that require electromagnets to operate.

To create an engine of the above type, three different resources are required - iron and steel ingots, as well as copper wire. The last one is the most difficult to make. It is made from three copper ingots and six wool or leather blocks.

Ingots are obtained in the traditional way - by smelting the corresponding ore. For the same, in order to get wool, it will be necessary to kill or shear a sheep with scissors, and to obtain skin, it will be necessary to kill cows or horses. Copper ingots should be placed in the middle vertical row of the workbench, and on the sides of them - any of the two resources listed above. As a result of one such craft operation, six copper wires will be released, which is enough for two electric motors.

Steel ingot can be obtained by melting the dust of a given metal in a furnace. The latter is made from very simple resources - an iron ingot and four coals. The first should be placed in the center of the workbench, and the second should be placed with a cross around it (so that the corner slots of the machine remain unoccupied).

Now you need to assemble the electric motor. To do this, install four copper wires at the corners of the workbench, an iron ingot in the center, and steel bars in the rest of the cells.

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