How To Transfer Money In Minecraft

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How To Transfer Money In Minecraft
How To Transfer Money In Minecraft

Video: How To Transfer Money In Minecraft

Video: How To Transfer Money In Minecraft
Video: How to Create a Money Transferring System in Minecraft (Bedrock Edition) 1.16+ -Tutorial Series #003 2023, March

Between players in Minecraft, in addition to purely human relations, commodity-money relations can exist. Often they resell various resources to each other or perform other actions, as a result of which it may be necessary to transfer a certain amount of funds to someone. However, not everyone knows how to do this.

Transferring money to another player is not that difficult
Transferring money to another player is not that difficult


  • - chat
  • - special mods and plugins


Step 1

On multiplayer Minecraft game resources, you may have many situations in which you will earn virtual money that can be useful in the gameplay. For example, you take on some work (digger, miner, warrior, blacksmith, etc.) or win something in casinos that exist on a large number of servers (thanks to special plugins installed there by admins). In addition, if you have accumulated a surplus of any valuable items or materials, you usually store them in chests, at the risk of losing such wealth due to other users' griffings. However, for sure you will often have the thought to sell such resources at a profit and to purchase with the freed up funds something you need at a particular game moment.

Step 2

In any case, check your own cash balance first. To do this, use the console through which you usually send messages to the chat. Press Т to call it. Now put in one simple word - / money. The English language designation of money will help you see the amount of funds available in your account. After making sure that you have enough of them, you can transfer some of them to someone else from other users - when such a need exists. How exactly to do this depends on the specific circumstances and the installation of certain plugins on the server.

Step 3

If iConomy is installed on the resource where you are playing, you can easily give part of your money to another participant thanks to a special team. Write / money pay in the chat, and then the recipient's nickname and the amount transferred to him - and the funds will be credited to his game account almost instantly. You can also check the status of its balance in advance. To do this, enter a similar phrase on the console, but without specifying the amount and the word pay - / money and the player's nickname. Right there on the screen you will see the numbers you need.

Step 4

If you have administrator rights on the server with iConomy, you will have more options in terms of transferring money than ordinary users. Enter / money give on the console indicating the recipient's nickname and the amount - and the player you want to do good will receive money, but you will not have a decrease in the amount of funds on your account. If instead of give you enter set, a certain gamer will have a balance at the desired level. It will be just as easy for you to withdraw any amount from the player. Just enter the above command, replacing give with take, and the system will take the amount of funds you named from the gamer.

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