How To Grow Wheat In Minecraft

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How To Grow Wheat In Minecraft
How To Grow Wheat In Minecraft

Video: How To Grow Wheat In Minecraft

Video: How To Grow Wheat In Minecraft
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In Minecraft, the problem of hunger for the hero is more relevant than in many other games. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions to this problem - hunting, trading, farming. The latter is the most convenient and durable solution.

Non-automatic wheat farm
Non-automatic wheat farm


Step 1

Bread restores three units of hunger and is “crafted” (created) from three units of wheat, placed on a workbench in a horizontal line. For the first time, it is better to find a herd of animals in order to provide themselves with food while the wheat grows.

Step 2

The advantage of wheat over other crops is that the tall grass from which wheat is derived is a very common plant that grows in almost all biomes. In the jungle, instead of tall grass, a fern grows, from which it is quite rare, but wheat seeds fall, in the desert biome, dried grass grows, from which these seeds also fall. Pumpkins, watermelons, or potatoes are much more difficult to find in the wild.

Step 3

First, collect as many seeds as you can. They do not drop from every blade of grass, so you will have to destroy quite a lot of this plant. Fortunately, it is easily destroyed by hand.

Step 4

Now you need to make a hoe. Wooden or iron will do, making a hoe from a more expensive material is generally pointless.

Step 5

Wheat grows in beds, and its block should be no further than four cells from the water. Find a place for the future farm, work with a hoe (using the right mouse button) a square with a side of nine cells. Dig up the central block and fill in its place with a bucket of water, plant wheat seeds on the rest of the blocks. Make as many of these sectors as possible. Wheat grows for a long time, but you need a lot of it.

Step 6

Light up your farm well. Wheat only grows in high light conditions. You can place torches on the fence, which need to surround your farm so that animals do not trample the crops.

Step 7

Wheat grows in several stages, be careful and attentive, do not confuse the penultimate and last stages of growth, otherwise all work will be in vain. After reaching the last phase of growth, the wheat (it turns yellow) can be harvested.

Wheat growth stages
Wheat growth stages

Step 8

In the future, it makes sense to convert the farm into an automatic one, this will allow you to harvest much faster. It is possible to accelerate the growth of wheat using bone meal, which is obtained from the bones of the skeletons.