How To Find Free Games For Girls

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How To Find Free Games For Girls
How To Find Free Games For Girls

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Video: How To Find Free Games For Girls
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Play is not just fun for a child, but also a way of socializing in society, as well as trying on a gender role. Naturally, games for girls and boys are different. Thanks to the game, a little girl prepares to be a mother and mistress, learns to dress beautifully, and gains the necessary skills in order to grow up as a feminine young lady.

How to find free games for girls
How to find free games for girls


  • - the Internet;
  • - registration on a torrent tracker;
  • - utorrent;
  • - paper.


Step 1

Of course, money is never superfluous, so there is no point in buying games for a girl when you can get them for free. If you want to find a computer game, make a corresponding request in the search engine. The system will give you a lot of sites with games. Your daughter will be able to take care of her own electronic pet, become the owner of a cafe, or even go on a date. Read the terms of download, user reviews on the site, and if the download is free, feel free to click "Download".

Step 2

Torrents are a popular repository of a variety of information, where you can find almost everything: from new movies to a textbook on cybernetics. In order to download a free game for your daughter, you need to register on the site, and also install a torrent client (for example, utorrent) on your computer. Type your request into the search bar, read the description of the game and, if you like it, download the torrent file. After that, open it in the client and the download will start.

Step 3

You may remember children's magazines with a model and outfits for her. The girls cut them out, dressed their favorites and took them to visit each other. Such magazines are on sale now, but you don't need to spend money. Draw yourself or find on the Internet a beautiful doll for a child with a chic wardrobe. Print on a color printer and cut out the model and her items. If you want the toy to last longer, stick the doll onto thick cardboard. Such a game will develop in your daughter a sense of beauty, and in an older age will help her to successfully combine the items of her wardrobe.

Step 4

When uploading interesting computer games to your daughter, remember that you should not entrust the upbringing of a child to a computer. Children under six years old should spend no more than half an hour a day in front of the monitor, at seven or eight years old, a baby can spend an hour playing, and by ten years the recommended time reaches one and a half hours. During the game, watch the girl's posture - she should not slouch. If possible, purchase computer goggles to protect your eyes. When looking for free games for your child, do not forget about active outdoor games. Rezinochka, classics - such games develop dexterity and plasticity in a girl, train coordination of movements, and completely free of charge.

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