How Avito Blocks Ads By Ip Address

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How Avito Blocks Ads By Ip Address
How Avito Blocks Ads By Ip Address

Video: How Avito Blocks Ads By Ip Address

Video: How Avito Blocks Ads By Ip Address
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Avito blocks ads by IP address if they contain false information, information related to spam. This is done using additional tools that analyze the activity of site members.

How Avito blocks ads by IP address
How Avito blocks ads by IP address

Many people use Avito's services to post ads. On the one hand, it is a convenient site adapted to the interests of users. On the other hand, you can often see a message stating that access from an IP address is temporarily restricted.

Why is Avito blocking access?

This happens when it detects suspicious activity that disrupts the service. This phenomenon is caused by:

  • updating the page a large number of times;
  • opening a large number of tabs;
  • use of viruses;
  • generating a powerful stream of data.

All these cases prevent other users from using the site in full.

How does Avito block access to ads?

Avito blocks addresses that are located on the website This service is designed to protect Internet portals from spam. It is thanks to him that the access of ordinary users is often closed. For this, a special directory structure with filings is created. It also helps to cope with spam bots. If a certain IP address or mailbox on this service is encountered often, then they are perceived as dangerous for the site's activities.

The peculiarity lies in the fact that the problem is often associated not with the actions of the user, but with the work of the Internet provider. It is he who provides the address for gaining access to the network.

Sometimes the blocking is related to the actions of the user himself. Even when specifying different mailboxes, changing the phone number, you can get a ban. In this case, various visitor identification systems are used to restrict access. Some of them allow us to identify users who have deleted cookies, changed their browser. Avito actively uses such services.

What to do?

If the blocking is due to the fact that the IP address is in the list on the specified site, then it is recommended to contact your provider. Posedeniy should contact Stop Forum Spam employees to have your data removed from the list. After that, access to the most popular bulletin board is resumed.

If the problem is different, you can restore access to your account using:

  1. Scanning your computer for viruses. If you do not remove the source of the problem, unblocking access will be short-lived.
  2. Avito support services. To receive a detailed answer, you must specify the IP address, service provider, place of residence.
  3. Installing a custom extension. For example, Hola for Google Chrome allows you to access various blocked sites.

Additionally, you can try programs for changing the address, go to Avito from your phone. The latter helps if the mobile operator has assigned you a different IP address.

Thus, Avito uses special software to block users to create a comfortable working environment. It is difficult to get around it, but if there is no fault of the service visitor, you can try to solve the problem yourself.

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