How To Make Money On The Online Game

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How To Make Money On The Online Game
How To Make Money On The Online Game

Video: How To Make Money On The Online Game

Video: How To Make Money On The Online Game
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The popularity of online games, due to the ability to compete with live players, is constantly growing. More and more game products are being released following the concept, or being reworked under the concept of MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online). Players spend hundreds of millions of dollars annually on online games. Accordingly, you can make money on the online game.

How to make money on the online game
How to make money on the online game


  • - accounts in electronic payment systems;
  • - Internet connection;


Step 1

Think over the ways and schemes of making money on the selected online game. The methods are highly dependent on the type of game and game mechanics, but the basic principles are the same everywhere. In most online games there is a system for developing characters or combat units. Also, often the characteristics of a character or unit depend on its equipment (any items). It takes a lot of time to develop characters and obtain items. Therefore, there are categories of players who are ready to pay real money for the quick receipt of advanced characters and game values. Therefore, the basis for making money on online games, as a rule, is: - development (pumping) of characters and units for their subsequent sale;

- development of other people's characters and units by playing for them in the absence of the owner;

- the development of other people's characters by including them in the group of their high-level characters, followed by playing for them;

- obtaining a large amount of game currency and valuable items during a long game with their subsequent sale. Choose the appropriate method or methods that best suit your capabilities.

Step 2

Make all the necessary preparations for the implementation of the intended methods of earning. Register accounts on the selected servers of online games, create and upgrade the necessary characters or units, get the necessary equipment and items. Register accounts in electronic payment systems.

Step 3

Search for buyers of your services. Read gaming forums, research social networks in order to identify large communities of players of the selected online game. Make them suggestions. Contact the known players of the server on which the game accounts were created. Invite them to look for you clients for a certain percentage of the transactions they make.

Step 4

Make money by playing online. Provide your customers with the services they need. Sell game values, upgrade and sell characters, carry out paid upgrade.