How To Use Webmoney

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How To Use Webmoney
How To Use Webmoney

Video: How To Use Webmoney

Video: How To Use Webmoney
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Electronic money is becoming a part of the daily life of a large number of people. With their help, it is enough just to pay for goods or services directly from home. It is not difficult to use electronic money, you just need to know how to use WebMoney correctly.

How to use webmoney
How to use webmoney

To use WebMoney, you need an electronic wallet, which must be opened.

Registration in the payment system Webmoney

The first step is to register on the WebMoney website. Go to the site and click the "Register" button. Enter your phone number and remember that you must enter it in an international format.

The number must be really existing, since for authorization and transactions, it is to this number that confirmation codes will come.

You can enter data using other services, the options for which will be offered on the registration page. Import them, read the user agreement and go to the "Continue" button.

E-mail data must also be extremely reliable, since an email containing a code to confirm authorization will be sent to the specified address.

The next code you need is a confirmation code sent as an SMS message to your phone.

If for some reason it is not possible to view the phone messages at the moment, authorization can be completed even in the absence of a special verification of the phone number.

The last step of registration is a password, which must first be entered and then repeated again. In addition, enter the numbers from the picture that you will see a little below the registration window (captcha).

Opening an electronic wallet

Next, create the wallet itself. First, decide on the type of currency and go to the "Create" button.

Initially, the wallet balance will be zero. Click on the balance and go to the wallet properties folder, where you can find out the personal number of the WebMoney wallet. Save the WMID number, using it other users of the electronic payment system will be able to transfer funds to your wallet.

You can use electronic money in different ways - via the Internet, using the website, or the Keeper program, which must be downloaded and installed first. Next, choose an authorization method - store keys or use the E-Num service.

Payment by means of WebMoney

Now you can proceed to payment. To carry out the operation, you need to have money on the account. If you have the required amount, click on the "Deposit via WebMoney" button. Then select the type of keeper, for example Klassik, and click "Next". In the window that appears, enter the numbers of the previous window, check the correctness of the data and click "Receive code by SMS". Then, enter the received code and click "I confirm payment".