How To Unban All Players In Minecraft

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How To Unban All Players In Minecraft
How To Unban All Players In Minecraft

Video: How To Unban All Players In Minecraft

Video: How To Unban All Players In Minecraft
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On multiplayer Minecraft resources, it is not uncommon for a gamer to deserve a ban. Usually this happens due to insulting other players, griefing and other offenses that are not encouraged by the rules. However, sometimes the operator or even the administrator makes mistakes by accidentally imposing punishment on an innocent person. Is it possible to unban all players who fall out of favor?

The admin decides who to unban on a multi-user resource
The admin decides who to unban on a multi-user resource


  • - management console
  • - the powers of the operator or administrator
  • - access to server files


Step 1

There can be many reasons why you, as an operator or administrator of a particular Minecraft server, will have the right to ban a particular user. The most obvious of them are the griefing actions of some gamer towards other players: insulting them in chat, destroying their buildings, etc. Particularly zealous virtual hooligans sometimes even intentionally do what leads to the fall of the map (for example, they overload one of its small sections with heaps of blocks or arrange massive explosions there). However, if it turns out that you were mistaken, and none of the users should have been punished at all, hurry up to unban the innocent.

Step 2

In the case when you want to clear all players from the ban at once, you will have several methods of implementing such an idea. Choose the one that matches your level of authority. If you are an ordinary operator, and you do not have access to the server documentation, use the control console for this game resource. Find out how exactly (by IP or by nickname) the players were banned, and depending on this, choose the method of removing the punishment from them.

Step 3

Enter the following phrase in the console line: \ pardon and the nickname of the person you intend to unban. In the case when you have only the IP of the punished gamer, in the above command, enter it instead of the username. Repeat the same steps for all players on the banned list. You, as a simple operator of a multi-user resource, do not have the ability to remove punishment from them in one fell swoop. In this regard, the administrator has unlimited powers, and he has many times more rights to unban.

Step 4

If you have access to the server's files (for example, because it runs from your own computer), take advantage of this. Go to any of two text documents - banned-ips and banned-players. In the first, you will find the IP addresses of the punished users, and in the second, their nicknames - in the form of a table. It will also contain information about the reason for the ban in each case. Delete all these lines one by one. If you want to simultaneously unban all gamers from the "black list", clear the above files from the text completely. From the same moment, all previously punished users will be able to enter the game and continue it.

Step 5

A situation may arise that you did not succeed, and the players from whom you seem to have removed the ban will still be listed as punished, and the gameplay will not be available to them. In this case, use a more radical method - restart the server. So that other players do not have any problems, notify them about your actions via chat ten to fifteen minutes before the reboot so that they can complete the necessary save in the gameplay.

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