How To Change Modulation

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How To Change Modulation
How To Change Modulation

Video: How To Change Modulation

Video: How To Change Modulation
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Changing the modulation may be required if it is impossible to establish a connection to the ADSL switch of the Internet provider, which is indicated by the absence of a light indicator. The procedure does not require deep computer knowledge and does not require the involvement of additional software.

How to change modulation
How to change modulation


Step 1

Call the main system menu by clicking the "Start" button and go to the "Run" dialog. Add value

telnet modem_IP_address

to the "Open" line and confirm your choice by pressing the OK button (for ZyXEL).

Step 2

Enter the password value in the corresponding field of the dialog box that opens and open the System Maintenance menu. Enter the Command Interpreter Mode command and wait for the command line utility to open. Enter value

wan adsl opmode

into the command interpreter text box to display the modulation mode in use, or select a value

wan adsl optncmd multimode

to set the automatic selection mode.

Step 3

Use the following command syntax:

- wan adsl opencmd readsl2 - to apply the RE ADSL2 mode;

- wan adsl opencmd adsl2p_annexm - to install the modulation of the same name;

- wan adsl opencmd gdmt - to apply G.dmt mode;

- wan adsl opencmd t1.413 - for using ANSI T1.413 modulation;

- wan adsl opencmd glite - to set G. Lite mode;

- wan adsl opencmd adsl2plus - to apply ADSL2 + modulation;

- wan adsl opencmd adsl2 - to use ADSL2 mode

in the command line text box to select the desired modulation. Please note that the command syntax may vary depending on the model of the modem used (for ZyXel).

Step 4

Return to the main system menu "Start" to perform a similar operation of changing the modulation of the D-link modem and go to the "All Programs" item. Define the used modem model in the list and use the Config tab to select the required modem of the device. Confirm your choice by clicking Next and apply your changes by clicking Close. Wait for the system to reboot.

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