How To Play On The Internet Exchange

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How To Play On The Internet Exchange
How To Play On The Internet Exchange

Video: How To Play On The Internet Exchange

Video: How To Play On The Internet Exchange
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Playing on the Internet exchange is not only one of the most highly profitable, but also the most high-risk activities. Before you start basking in the ups and downs of stocks and exchange rates, you need to get a basic knowledge of financial management. After all, trading on the stock exchange is, first of all, managing your finances.

Trading on the stock market is a balance between greed and fear
Trading on the stock market is a balance between greed and fear


Knowledge of technical and fundamental analysis, internet, financial resources


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The first and most urgent recommendation is to learn the basics of fundamental and technical analysis. Hundreds and thousands of volumes of literature written by stock market sharks are devoted to these forecasting methods. This literature is available both in specialized departments of bookstores and on the Internet, for example: "Fundamentals of Fundamental and Technical Analysis".

The impetus for stock market fluctuations is news, both positive and negative. Depending on the "strength" of their influence on stock brokers, trends appear and develop, i.e. the direction of movement of the market itself: fall or rise. For example, if a message about the earthquake in Mongolia appears in the news feed, it is unlikely to have a significant impact on the market. But if the US Department of Labor publishes a report that unemployment has increased in the country, this will invariably lead to a fall in the dollar. Why? Fundamental analysis provides answers to this and many other questions. In other words, this type of analysis allows predicting market behavior based on information and events that really affect the behavior of the exchange.

Technical analysis is dozens of mathematical formulas whose vocation is to describe events and news in the language of mathematics. Here you do not have to operate with gigabytes of information and meters of news feeds. In technical analysis, all information is presented in several charts, provided with markers and other "tips". That is, it is the behavior and direction of the charts on the screen that will help you make a decision about working with one or another pair of currencies or a package of shares.

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The foreign exchange and stock market is available for conducting transactions on the Internet. The foreign exchange market (FOREX) is the most promising for those who prefer to actively trade and make profits during the day, because currency is more mobile and dynamic than, for example, stocks. During the day, you can carry out a dozen transactions and by the end of the day find real profit (or loss if your decisions were wrong) on your account. In order to avoid unjustified risks, it is recommended to take not only a training course with experienced dealers, but also play on demo accounts for 2-3 months, i.e. in real time, but without financial costs. As soon as your statistics become steady-positive, you can start the real game. The stock market (RTS) is less prone to daily fluctuations (with the exception of force majeure), because it, first of all, takes into account the medium-term prospect of making a profit - from 3 to 36 months. Of course, there are daily fluctuations in stocks, but in this market one should assess the prospects for the development of entire industries: the fuel and energy complex, electricity, metallurgy, etc. It is clear that current news will not be able to reverse the trend of an entire industry in one day, so the behavior of the stock market is more predictable, more stable, and accordingly, operations are less risky.

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If you feel confident enough to play on the stock exchange and the thirst for profit, flavored with a chill of risk, you can start operations. To work on the foreign exchange market, you will have to open a foreign exchange account, transfer money (min $ 300), download the necessary programs to your computer and open your account. As soon as the money is credited to the account (1-2 business days), you can start the game.

You have to carry out similar operations to start working on the stock market. The essential difference is in the cost of the "admission ticket". In the stock market, it may take a minimum of several thousand dollars to start operations with a block of shares. Before choosing a stock, be sure to check with your dealer.