How To Stream Twitter To Facebook

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How To Stream Twitter To Facebook
How To Stream Twitter To Facebook

Video: How To Stream Twitter To Facebook

Video: How To Stream Twitter To Facebook
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Social networks have become an integral part of modern life. They effectively help to maintain friendly and business contacts, quickly find out the news and share their impressions, photos and notes. And quite often there is a need to forward your messages from one network to another, for example, from Twitter to Facebook. Fortunately, the platforms of these services allow you to link your accounts and do automatic reposting.

How to stream twitter to facebook
How to stream twitter to facebook


Step 1

In order to set up the broadcast of your messages from Twitter to Facebook, you first need to link your accounts on these networks. To do this, go to your Twitter profile and go to the Settings menu. If you do not know how to enter your profile and where to look for "Settings", follow the further instructions.

Step 2

"Settings" can be found as follows: first click on the icon with your avatar picture, you will see your profile page. In the upper right corner, click on the large "Edit Profile" button.

Step 3

At the bottom of the edit page that opens, find the “Facebook” line and next to it the “Post Tweets to Facebook” button. Or a button that says “Post your Tweets to Facebook” if you have an English-language interface installed. Click it.

Step 4

Most likely, you will see the message “Your account is not connected to Facebook”, that is, “Your account is not connected to Facebook”, and below it is a button with the Facebook icon and the inscription “Log in to Facebook and connect accounts”.

Step 5

Click it to link your Twitter and Facebook accounts, and then you can post your Twitter posts to your Facebook wall. You will see a Facebook login window, in which you must enter all the necessary login information. After a successful login, Twitter will ask you for permission to manage your pages, the ability to post on your behalf, and access to your data. Click the "Allow" button.

Step 6

After successful connection of accounts, the inscription "Your account is connected to Facebook" and a schematic image of the icons of these two social networks will appear on the page for editing your Twitter profile. If you change your mind about reposting on Facebook, simply click the Disable button next to the notification message. Then click the big blue button "Save changes" at the bottom of the page.

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