How To Restore Access To A Page

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How To Restore Access To A Page
How To Restore Access To A Page

Video: How To Restore Access To A Page

Video: How To Restore Access To A Page
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The situation when a user cannot enter a personal page on a social network is unpleasant, but quite solvable. After all, you can almost always resume access to your account. The main thing is to clearly follow the instructions for recovery.

How to restore access to a page
How to restore access to a page


Access to your social network account


Step 1

Login to the site on the social network is blocked for a number of reasons. The most common among them - the intervention of fraudsters who can simply steal your password and "spoil" your page, or sending spam. Including various "letters of happiness", recognition of friendship, sending wishes, offers of free gifts and high ratings. As a rule, such messages contain a postscript that this letter should be sent to all your friends. Do not send this newsletter under any circumstances! Due to numerous complaints about spam received from you, the administration may block your account.

Step 2

But even if following these tips you have lost access to the page, everything is fixable. To restore your account, as a rule, it is enough to change the password. This procedure will not take much of your time.

Step 3

To get started, go to your site's home page. In the window for entering personal data, find the link "Forgot your password" (depending on the network, this inscription may vary slightly) Click on it and go to the next page.

Step 4

Next, you will need to follow the recommendations of the recovery wizard. The first step on almost most sites is to enter the login used to enter in a special field.

Step 5

In the next window, enter the answer to your security question. As a rule, only you can do this correctly, and the next step will be to enter a new password in a special field. You will have to duplicate it again in the next line. After making corrections to your accounts, save your changes, return to the home page and enter the updated information in the appropriate fields.

Step 6

During the recovery procedure on some sites, you may need to enter the code shown in the picture to go to the next page.

Step 7

It is also very convenient to bind your phone number to the page. In this case, it will be much easier to restore your account. And later, you will receive the new account information on your mobile phone.