How To Disable Stream

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How To Disable Stream
How To Disable Stream

Video: How To Disable Stream

Video: How To Disable Stream
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The pace of life today is conducive to constant change. People always strive for something better and more convenient. This also applies to internet service providers. Some are replaced by others, more profitable. How to turn off Stream if you decide to change your Internet service provider?

How to disable Stream
How to disable Stream


passport, modem, telephone


Step 1

Call Stream technical support. Follow the instructions of the answering machine, put the phone in tone mode and contact the technical support specialist. Tell him that you want to give up the internet they provide and ask if you have to turn in any equipment. If the modem was rented, it will need to be returned. Disconnect all equipment specified by the technician and prepare for shipment.

Step 2

Check with a technical support specialist where the nearest MTS office is located. If you want to find out the addresses of the salons yourself, go to the official MTS website. Find out the opening hours of the office you are interested in: some of them work until 20:00.

Step 3

Going to the MTS office, take the rented equipment and passport with you. The person who signed it must terminate the contract with Stream. If the internet is not registered in your name, you will be wasting your time. When you come to the salon, ask any seller who you should contact in order to terminate the contract and turn off the Stream. Following the advice of the manager, write a statement of termination of cooperation and indicate the reasons why you decided to abandon this provider. Sign all required documents.

Step 4

Make sure that the manager gave you a paper on which the number of your application for termination of the contract is written. You will need it to find out whether your request is approved or not. You can check the status of the application by calling the technical support service. As soon as your application is reviewed and approved, you will receive a notification (SMS, call).

Step 5

If you decide to change Stream to some other provider, but there is an amount left on your personal account that you would not like to lose, write a request for a refund. This can be done when submitting an application for termination of the contract. In some cases, it is required to present a receipt confirming payment.

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