What Is The Best File Sharing

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What Is The Best File Sharing
What Is The Best File Sharing

Video: What Is The Best File Sharing

Video: What Is The Best File Sharing
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The services of file hosting are currently used by almost all Internet users. For some, this is a convenient tool to quickly download the required file, but for others it is an opportunity to earn extra money.

What is the best file sharing
What is the best file sharing


Personal computer with Internet access


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LetitBit system is one of the most reliable and stable systems. This file sharing service is absolutely free. In order to download the required file here, you do not need to pay money for each of them. On this file sharing, you can use the remote download function. The only thing that needs to be done is to upload the file on the site. Then you need to place the unique URL code obtained from there on the page of any site.

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Payment for one thousand downloads is as follows: from one to five megabytes - $ 4, from five to ten megabytes - $ 5, from ten to fifty megabytes - $ 7, from fifty to one hundred megabytes - $ 8, from one hundred to two hundred and fifty megabytes - $ 10, from two hundred and fifty to one and a half thousand - $ 14, from one and a half thousand - $ 17.

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Files are accepted from all countries. Payments start to be made from the receipt of the application, but within two days from the date of its receipt. The minimum payout amount is 15 USD. Payments are made using WebMoney and PayPal systems.

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Deposit Files is a system for free storage of files for unlimited time on its servers. The maximum size of such a saved file is 10 gigabytes. However, in order to store files in total, their size is not limited. In addition, users have access to services such as free software for working with the necessary files, setting a password for downloading a file and deleting it from the file hosting service at any time. Uploaded files are stored for thirty days from the date of their last download. But for those users who have registered, this period is ninety days. On the site, anyone can also get acquainted with video tutorials on site management. Such a system also allows you to use the files for free or for a fee. For example, using a Gold account, users can download files at higher speeds without watching the necessary ads.

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TurboBit is an excellent file sharing service that will not be inferior to the above programs. In addition, the master can use this program to create his own domain with an individual design. And this will allow their owners to earn money on their own reserved users. Maximum from this system you can download no more than one hundred gigabytes. For most users, this limitation is only formal.