How To Make Money On Viewing

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How To Make Money On Viewing
How To Make Money On Viewing

Video: How To Make Money On Viewing

Video: How To Make Money On Viewing
Video: Earn Money Per View ($0.15 / Per View) When Your Photos Are Viewed [Make Money Online Fast 2020] 2023, April

If you are looking for an opportunity to make money on the Internet without investing your own funds, pay your attention to the so-called CAP sites (Active Advertising Sites). CAP sites, also called click-through sponsors, offer pay to visit their customers' pages. That is, you get money for following the proposed link and just staying on the right page for some time.

How to make money on viewing
How to make money on viewing


  • - a computer connected to the Internet;
  • - reliable antivirus installed on your computer;
  • - an account opened in the electronic payment system


Step 1

Register on a site that offers paid internet surfing. When registering, indicate your real data and an existing email address to contact you.

Step 2

A confirmation letter of your registration will be sent to the email address you specified during registration. Follow the link in this letter. In this case, your registration will be considered complete and you can start working.

Step 3

Go to the work section. You will see a list of sites available for viewing. Go to the desired site. Wait for the countdown timer to finish counting your presence on the page.

Step 4

Confirm view of the page. Follow the instructions on the site - click on the desired picture, select the correct number or count the number of stars. If everything is done correctly, at the end of the viewing, the earned amount is credited to your account in the system.

Step 5

When the minimum amount allowed for withdrawal is typed on the account in your personal account on the site, apply for the withdrawal of the money earned. Supported payment systems and minimum amounts for withdrawing earned funds on different CAP sites are different.

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