How To Read Mms Megafon On The Internet

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How To Read Mms Megafon On The Internet
How To Read Mms Megafon On The Internet

Video: How To Read Mms Megafon On The Internet

Video: How To Read Mms Megafon On The Internet
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Very often, mobile phone owners have problems reading multimedia (mms) messages directly on the phone. In this case, you need to find another way to get mms. The most convenient and used by many users is the Internet.

How to read mms Megafon on the Internet
How to read mms Megafon on the Internet


Step 1

If you decide to send mms to Megafon, carefully check all the necessary settings on your phone, since this will also determine the likelihood of a successful reading of the message by the recipient. If you have been sent mms and you have any problems reading it, do the following.

Step 2

Go to the official website of the operator you need, for example Megafon, which provides an opportunity to read a megaphone mms for free. Here you can order free SMS to megaphone to share media files with friends even more often.

Step 3

Find the section on sending and receiving mms and go to it. Here you will need your personal information and the data that the operator should have sent you. Before entering the required information, read the rules according to which the format for entering and filling in the required fields is determined.

Step 4

Enter your personal information in the window that appears, namely the phone number and personal code that you should have received in a message to your phone from the operator. After entering the information, go to your personal album, which contains the files sent to you through the mms megaphone.

Step 5

Save photo, video or audio files and move them to your phone if necessary.

Step 6

If you have not received a special code, and the mms message still does not open for you, first check that the mms profile settings in your phone are correct. If you are sure that you did everything correctly, contact the operator and ask him to send your personal code to read the message on the Internet. Then follow the instructions above to get the files sent to you.

Step 7

In addition, if you want to send mms to a megaphone for free, you can also do it on the website. To do this, just go to a special page, enter the recipient's phone number, download the desired files from your personal computer and send a message. Pay attention to the size of the files you send, as your friend will receive the mms on his phone, and therefore should be able to open the picture or photo on his mobile device.

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