How To Find The Address Bar

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How To Find The Address Bar
How To Find The Address Bar

Video: How To Find The Address Bar

Video: How To Find The Address Bar
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How to find the address bar
How to find the address bar

It is necessary

  • - availability of Internet access;
  • - a program installed on a computer for viewing pages on the Internet.


Step 1

To find the address bar, make sure your computer is connected to the Internet and open the browser installed on your computer. A browser or web browser is software for viewing pages on the Internet, processing them, displaying them, and navigating from one page to another. For example, Internet Explorer, also called IE for short, is installed with the Windows operating system. In addition to Internet Explorer, there are many other browsers that differ visually and technically. The most common browsers are Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome. All of them have one thing in common - the presence of common structural parts, one of which is the address bar.

Step 2

The address bar is a data entry bar at the top of the browser that remains visible on any page while you are viewing it. The URL is entered into the address bar - a standardized way of recording the address of a resource on the World Wide Web. The URL is what should fit into the address bar, for example, in the following form: or just

Step 3

The address bar of the browser and the search bar of any site should not be confused. Only the address of a specific page is entered into the address bar. The search line is a form for processing user requests, it is placed inside the page and gives only some answers to a given request, while the requests themselves can be censored by the administration of the search resource or government agencies. However, there are browsers in which the address bar is combined with the search bar. For example, if you enter any request instead of the URL in the address bar of the Chrome browser, the Google search page will automatically open.

Step 4

There are browsers distributed by various companies. In such browsers, the settings may differ from the standard ones, and therefore the address bar may not be visible. This was the case, in particular, with the Mozilla browser. If you are using this browser, using the mouse you need to go to the "View" tab, then to the "Toolbars" and put a check mark ("tick") in front of the "Navigation bar" item. The address bar will now be visible.

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