Where You Can Download Books For Free

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Where You Can Download Books For Free
Where You Can Download Books For Free

E-books are available for open download on the Internet, both paid and free. Free books are issued to familiarize the reader with the text and are digital copies of paper editions. The electronic format allows the user to get acquainted with the literary work in advance.

Where you can download books for free
Where you can download books for free


Klex is one of the most popular resources for free books. The site has organized a thematic selection of e-books in the DJVU format, which can be used on almost any modern reader and mobile devices. The resource presents a large collection of books on psychology, business, culture, medicine, as well as many other areas of science.


The Lib.ru resource is one of the most popular sources of literature of various genres. The site contains all kinds of collections of poetry and prose. A large number of works of classical literature by Russian and foreign writers are offered on the pages of Lib.ru. Each book can be saved from the site in TXT format for reading in any computer or mobile text editor.


Flibusta.net also offers an extensive catalog of fiction. The resource has a convenient search by authors. Also, when downloading, the user is invited to read the biography of the writer. You can download books from the site in several formats, among which there are common FB2, EPUB, MOBI. These files can be read on e-books or through specialized programs for phones and tablets.


The ReadFree resource presents a large library that is aimed at lovers of modern literature. The site presents a large directory that can be searched. You can also leave comments on this or that book on the resource. The section "Programs" presents the applications required to run the files. To download data from the resource for free, the user must first register.

Other sites

Other free ebook resources include Fant-lib, which is a large catalog of books written in the fantasy genre. The Libro.su site contains a large amount of literature, which is written by both amateurs and professional writers, and each user who registers on the site has the right to post his own work in order to receive a monetary reward for it. The more times the file is downloaded, the more money you can earn. Mirknig.com presents a large amount of literature in popular DJVU and PDF formats. At the same time, both artistic and scientific works can be found on the source pages.

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