How To Change The Skin In Minecraft

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How To Change The Skin In Minecraft
How To Change The Skin In Minecraft

Video: How To Change The Skin In Minecraft

Video: How To Change The Skin In Minecraft
Video: How To Change Skin In Minecraft (Updated) | Minecraft Skin Tutorial 2023, March

Even in the virtual world of Minecraft, many gamers strive to look original, standing out among others, including their gaming appearance. However, by default, all of them get the skin of Steve's miner at the start of their favorite game. Are there ways to change it to something else, more interesting?

You can choose any skin in Minecraft
You can choose any skin in Minecraft


  • - sites with skins
  • - Minecraft license key
  • - someone else's nickname
  • - pirate servers


Step 1

Before you start looking for a new skin, pay attention to the fact that even the "standard" Steve has at least eight hypostases. In addition to a turquoise T-shirt and blue trousers, he appears in a tuxedo, Scottish suit, in the images of a tennis player, black athlete, boxer, cyclist and even a prisoner. You might like any of these looks. If not, proceed depending on which version of the game you have installed and what exactly you want to achieve by changing the skin.

Step 2

When you own a Minecraft license key, you can be lucky. Skin change for you will take place in one click. Go to any site that offers various options for game appearance and opposite the one you like the most, click the button promising its installation on By doing this, you will find your favorite skin, which will be displayed on you on any resource where you will just start playing in Minecraft. This applies to both single player and network, as well as multiplayer servers.

Step 3

If you have a pirated version of the game installed, oddly enough, you will have several options for changing the skin. Not all of them, however, are simple and reliable. Take advantage of the easiest way to get a new gaming look. Download the skin you like from the corresponding resource and after saving it on your computer, rename the file with it to char.png. Then open your minecraft.jar folder through any archiver. Finding among the documents in it the one that has the name char.png, delete it and replace it with your own recently created one.

Step 4

The above method is not suitable for you when you want to not only admire your character with a certain skin, but also be sure that others will see it too. In this case, only you will be able to contemplate your appearance - for the rest, you, as before, will remain Steve. If you are eager to be able to show off your in-game appearance to other users, use a slightly different way to change the skin.

Step 5

Go through specialized sites, find the desired appearance there and remember well the nickname to which it is attached. Now, on any multiplayer game resource, register under this nickname. You will automatically receive the desired skin when you enter the game. However, if the real owner of the nickname that you borrowed wants to change the appearance of his character, similar metamorphoses will happen to you. After that, you will have to start all over again: look for another nickname with a suitable skin, re-register under it and, accordingly, start from scratch in the gameplay.

Step 6

When you are eager to get the same privileges for a simple and more or less stable skin change, which are endowed with the owners of licensed accounts, choose pirate game servers. For their participants, the choice of a suitable appearance also takes place in one click. However, in such a case, you will be able to demonstrate to everyone the updated game image only on such a resource - on the rest it will be irrelevant.

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