How To Set Up A Wins Server

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How To Set Up A Wins Server
How To Set Up A Wins Server

Video: How To Set Up A Wins Server

Video: How To Set Up A Wins Server
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If you need the server computer to manage the mapping of IP addresses and names of other computers on the local network, configure it to act as a WINS server. As a result, users will be able to access network resources by computer names rather than IP addresses. Customization consists of preparing, setting parameters and assigning tasks.

How to set up a wins server
How to set up a wins server


Step 1

There are a number of preliminary steps you can take to properly configure your WINS server. Learn the basic concepts of this service so that you will understand the individual parameters later. Check if your computer's operating system is configured correctly.

Step 2

For example, if you have Windows Server 2003 installed, then all parameters should be by default. The computer on which the WINS server is configured must have a static IP address and disk volumes must use the NTFS file system. Turn on Windows Firewall and activate the Security Configuration Wizard.

Step 3

Go to the Start menu and open the Control Panel section. Select the "Administration" item, in the window that opens, run the command "Manage this server" or "Server Configuration Wizard". Click the Add or Remove Role tab. Select "WINS Server" from the list and click on the "Next" button. The Selected Options Summary page appears, reviewing the information for installing the WINS server. Confirm the specified information by clicking the "Next" button.

Step 4

Wait until you finish configuring the components for the WINS server. It's worth noting that unlike other Windows services, you don't need to enter administrator credentials to install WINS, so just wait quietly for the setup wizard to complete.

Step 5

When finished, a message will appear informing you that this computer is now a WINS server. Click on the View Setting Information link. You can also manually find and open the log file located at / Debug / Configure Your Server.log.

Step 6

Close the Configure Your Server Wizard by clicking Finish. Then update your Windows operating system. Open the Security Configuration Wizard and verify that the specified information is correct. At this point, the WINS server is fully operational.

Step 7

In addition, you can set up additional tasks that enable you to validate correct operation, manage records, replicate changes, or manage the server from other networked computers. To do this, just start the Server Settings Wizard and activate the corresponding function.