How To Insert A Gallery

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How To Insert A Gallery
How To Insert A Gallery

Video: How To Insert A Gallery

Video: How To Insert A Gallery
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In the process of creating an Internet resource, some webmasters have a desire to add their own photo gallery to it. Therefore, knowledge of its creation and customization will be of great benefit for beginners in site building.

How to insert a gallery
How to insert a gallery


Step 1

Before you start creating a gallery, read the requirements that apply to it. Be sure to optimize your images. As a result, you should get a high-quality picture, minimal in volume. If each of the photos opens in a separate window, then make it easier for the user to navigate: create a menu, buttons with which it will be possible to navigate through the photos, sections, and, if necessary, go to the beginning of the gallery.

Step 2

Protect pictures in your photo gallery from copying. And to do this, apply a translucent company logo on them. In addition to being a good defense, this way you will also attract the attention of the target audience to your company. Use different effects when changing photos. Just don't get too carried away - there are still people with low Internet connection speeds.

Step 3

There are several types of galleries. Choose the one that suits you best for your site:

1) a simple gallery - an ordinary page, all pictures are placed on it (no animation and no effects);

2) album - opens on the site in a frame (to scroll through the pictures, 3 buttons have been added: "Previous photo", "Next photo" and "To the beginning";

3) in the form of a creeping line (here you can configure such parameters as, for example, the speed and direction of movement of frames).

Usually, all these types are presented in the CMS constructor of your site, so inserting a photo gallery is not difficult.

Step 4

To create a gallery with photographs (pictures), you can also use a specialized graphics program - XnView. Run the program, select "Create Web Page" in the top menu. Next, specify the type of desired photo gallery and configure all the necessary parameters. Also add the name of the photo gallery, the size of the images and specify the folder in which the project will be saved. The displayed code will only need to be copied and pasted in the right place on your site by opening the code editor of your resource.

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