How To Insert Your Music Into LJ

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How To Insert Your Music Into LJ
How To Insert Your Music Into LJ

Video: How To Insert Your Music Into LJ

Video: How To Insert Your Music Into LJ
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LiveJournal is one of the most popular blog hosting resources. The service record editor tools allow you to insert various HTML code. This means that you can also include a music player on your page so that users can listen to your uploaded audio.

How to insert your music into LJ
How to insert your music into LJ


Step 1

To install music on a page, you can use all kinds of online player services. To do this, go to one of these resources and, if necessary, go through the registration procedure.

Step 2

In the list of available players on the page, select the one that suits you best. In the corresponding search bar, find the melody you want to add to your blog. Then copy the HTML code that will be displayed on the page for subsequent insertion into your resource.

Step 3

Go to your profile page in LJ and select the section for adding an entry. Paste the resulting HTML code into the page using the button to enable the add code function. After that, publish the created record and check the player's functionality.

Step 4

You can also insert music into a resource using Flash technology. Find the player in this format on the Internet and copy its address using the corresponding menu item on the site.

Step 5

Also find a melody in MP3 format on one of the sites or upload your music to one of the file sharing services. Copy the link to this file in the browser window. After that, go to LiveJournal in the mode of adding a publication and enter the following HTML code:

Step 6

After entering this code, click the "Publish" button on the editor page and check the functionality of the player. If the copy operation was successful, you will see your ringtone in the publish window. If the player is not displayed, check the written code for errors. The addition of the melody to LiveJournal is completed.

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