How To Increase Speed

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How To Increase Speed
How To Increase Speed

Video: How To Increase Speed

Video: How To Increase Speed
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A certain category of users gets very upset when their computer does not cope with the tasks assigned. A huge number of factors affect the speed of a PC, but one thing remains unchanged: it can be increased in many ways.

How to increase speed
How to increase speed


Step 1

Let's get one point straight away: the best way to increase the speed of your computer is to add new hardware to it or change the existing one. Many people start upgrading their PCs by purchasing RAM or a processor. This is not always true, because there are situations when an old hard drive greatly interferes with fast information processing.

Step 2

We will focus on software methods of computer acceleration. Begin this process by setting up your hard drive. Open a window containing a list of existing partitions. Go to properties for any of them. Find the item "Allow to index the contents of files on this disk" at the bottom. Turn off this option by unchecking the box next to the label. Click the Apply button. This operation will take 2-3 minutes.

Step 3

Repeat the steps described in the previous step for all other hard drive partitions. Data processing speed will increase by about 15%.

Step 4

Now let's start cleaning up the registry. The RegCleaner program will help you with this. Install and run it. Run the registry scan process - it will take 1-2 minutes. Click the "Delete" button to get rid of unnecessary entries in the registry.

Step 5

For a more detailed setting of the operating system and increase the performance of the computer, it is recommended to use special utilities. Take Advanced System Care as an example. You can download it from the official website of the manufacturer of this software.

Step 6

Install and enable the above program. It has tremendous capabilities, but we are only interested in some of its aspects. Open the System Diagnostics menu. You will see four items. Turn them all on and click the Scan button. The process will take 5-6 minutes. The button you pressed will change its name to "Repair". Click it again.

Step 7

Open the Utilities menu. Click on the icon that says "RAM". A window will appear in front of you, displaying the status and the degree of RAM utilization. Click the Forward button to free memory that is wasted on idle processes and services.