How To Start An Icq Chat

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How To Start An Icq Chat
How To Start An Icq Chat

Video: How To Start An Icq Chat

Video: How To Start An Icq Chat
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ICQ program allows users to communicate without restrictions, wherever they are. Over time, program developers improve the properties of the service and expand its capabilities. Now it is possible to correspond without installing a special program, that is, via chat.

How to start an icq chat
How to start an icq chat


Internet access


Step 1

First, go to the official website It is there that you can find the "Chat" section, it is located at the bottom of the page. Click on the link and it will take you to the English version of the site.

Step 2

You will be presented with a whole list of existing chat rooms. All of them are divided according to topics, and each of them unites people according to some interests. In addition, at the end of the list, you will also find a section for communication in a foreign language. There are many rooms available: in German, English, French, Chinese and many other languages.

Step 3

Please note that using this service is completely free. And there are no restrictions on the number of visits: you can visit all the rooms you like and chat there as much as you see fit.

Step 4

By the way, visiting the chat does not in any way exclude the possibility of communication through the ICQ client. However, then you will need to register in the system. Go to the main page of the site, in the upper right corner, click on the "Registration in ICQ" button.

Step 5

You will be taken to a page with a form to fill out. She will ask you for information such as: e-mail address, first name and last name, gender and date of birth. Also, come up with a password with which you will log in in the future. After filling out the questionnaire, enter the code from the picture into the empty field and click on "Registration".

Step 6

If you have lost or forgotten your ICQ password, you can recover it at any time. For this, the developers have created a special section called "Password Recovery", it is located at the very bottom of the main page of the site. After clicking on the link, you will be asked to indicate your mailbox or mobile phone number, to which a new password or instructions for restoring the previous one will be sent.

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