How To Set Visual Bookmarks In Yandex

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How To Set Visual Bookmarks In Yandex
How To Set Visual Bookmarks In Yandex

Video: How To Set Visual Bookmarks In Yandex

Video: How To Set Visual Bookmarks In Yandex
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Every active Internet user has a set of the most visited sites. Almost all browsers offer convenient and quick access to these sites. Yandex is no exception - its programmers have developed an application that makes it possible to make bookmarks in the form of graphic page icons and quickly launch your favorite site in almost any browser.

How to set visual bookmarks in
How to set visual bookmarks in


Step 1

Double-click on the desktop to start your program for browsing the Internet. In the address bar, enter the address of the installation page for the Yandex. Bar extension and press the Enter key. This is a comprehensive solution that includes various services, from visual bookmarks to tools for checking the speed of the network connection.

Step 2

The page that matches your browser will open. That is, Internet Explorer users will be offered to install the application specifically for this browser, and Google Chrome users - Yandex. Bar for Chrome.

Step 3

Press the large button labeled "Install." The program will start downloading and a message from the operating system about the danger of running files from the Internet will appear. Click the "Run" button to confirm your decision to install visual bookmarks from Yandex. When the installer is fully loaded, click the "Next" button in the program window. Click next several times in a row, on each of the screens, until the button "Done" appears.

Step 4

Close your web browser if it does not restart automatically. Open the browser again and you will see that you already have pictures of your favorite sites - the installer will automatically detect the most frequently visited web pages and create quick launch bookmarks for them.

Step 5

If you accidentally deleted the desired bookmark, you can undo this operation. To do this, press the right mouse button, and in the menu that appears, select the "Cancel deletion" item. This operation will restore the last deleted bookmark.

Step 6

At the top right of each of the tabs (nine by default) there is a pop-up customization menu. Click on the cross if you want to delete the bookmark. The leftmost button is two rounded arrows - click on it to refresh the website thumbnail. Press the middle button if you want to adjust how often the bookmark is automatically updated, or to manually change the page address. Click the gear-shaped button in the lower right corner to change the background image of bookmarks, and also if you want to make not nine, but more or fewer icons for sites.

If you decide to remove the visual bookmarking service, it is easy to remove it. However, it is more convenient not to uninstall the entire service, but to disable the extension. For the Chrome browser, the sequence of actions is as follows. First you need to go to the main browser menu, then find the "Settings" menu there. Here you need to go to the "Extensions" item. There you will find a list of installed extensions, including Visual Bookmarks. You will see a trash can icon next to it. Click on it to remove all installed bookmarks. In the Mozilla browser, "Visual Bookmarks" are removed in this way. Open your browser and find the "Tools" item at the top, and the "Add-ons" sub-item in it. You should see the visual bookmarks panel, which belongs to the Yandex. Bar settings. Opposite this item, uncheck the box or click on "Disable" (depending on the browser version). You can select the "Delete" button, but in this case all bookmarks will be deleted permanently and it will be impossible to restore them.

Step 7

The maximum number of possible bookmarks is not always sufficient for the user. With the help of the Yandex. Bar service, you can increase the possible number of bookmarks up to 25 pieces. You can also choose the desired way of displaying bookmarks and design.

Step 8

If the computer does not restart successfully, visual bookmarks can fly off and completely disappear from the browser. Do not despair - they are very easy to restore. To do this, open your browser and go to the Bookmarks menu. There you will see the item "Show all bookmarks". Click on it with the left mouse button. Here you will be shown a section in which you can manage all Yandex bookmarks. Find the Import & Backup menu here. Select the "Restore" field here. You will be offered several recovery options: via an archive copy or a direct Yandex file. Select the appropriate option, and then go to the "Settings" menu. Check "Show visual bookmarks when opening a new tab or window." Go to the "Extensions" section. Here in the general list you will see the item "Yandex. Bar". When you open it, all lost visual bookmarks will be displayed again.

You can find visual Yandex bookmarks in the application workspace when a blank browser page opens. They are a mosaic of thumbnail images of icon pages. To view all pages, click the All Bookmarks button. Folders with bookmarks are most often located under the Yandex search line.

Step 9

If you switched to a new browser and want to transfer visual Yandex bookmarks there, this is not at all difficult to do. Take advantage of the ability to export this data. To do this, go to the settings and go to the "Add-ons" item. Click on "Browser Settings". In the menu that appears, find the "User Profiles" section, then - "Transfer bookmarks and settings from another browser". A window will appear in which you can select the desired browser. Select all the necessary settings and click the "Transfer" button. Now all bookmarks are available in the new browser.

Step 10

Another way to transfer bookmarks involves working with an HTML file. Open an empty browser tab and click on the "All Bookmarks" button, which you will find below the list of visual bookmarks. In the window that appears, select the "Arrange" button. Clicking on it will open a context menu. Select the item "Copy bookmarks from HTML file …". An Explorer window will open, where you can select a folder and specify the file from which the information will be copied.

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