How To Sign A Jar

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How To Sign A Jar
How To Sign A Jar

Video: How To Sign A Jar

Video: How To Sign A Jar
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Java applications for Nokia that access the file system, the Internet or some functions constantly ask permission to perform the desired action. To avoid persistent requests, you need to sign the jar file. After the application is signed, you can use it comfortably without being distracted by annoying notifications.

How to sign a jar
How to sign a jar


Step 1

The jar file is certified through a computer using special software. First of all download the JRE from the developer's official site. Run the downloaded file. Follow the instructions of the installer to complete the installation.

Step 2

Search the internet and download the MobiMB app. The utility is supplied in an archive and does not require installation. After the download is complete, open the rar file and unpack it to a directory convenient for you using WinRAR.

Step 3

Download the BeHappy program and install it by unpacking the archive and running the installer using the BeHappyInstall file.

Step 4

Connect your phone to your computer in Ovi Suite mode with a cable. Run the installed MobiMB utility. Move the contents of the user folder, which is in the archive with BeHappy, to the device directory C: / Hiddenfolder / Certificates /. If you are using a Symbian phone (most Nokia smartphones), just fill in the exp.cer file from the auth folder into the device and install from the device.

Step 5

Start the BeHappy program. In the Permissions item, specify the permissions required for the correct operation of the jar file (permission to access the file system, the Internet, etc.). If you are not sure which item to select, select the automatic method.

Step 6

Specify the path to the file of the application to be signed. Right-click on the middlelet itself and select "Sign".

Step 7

Move the certified jar to your phone. To do this, you can connect it in removable disk mode or use the MobiMB utility. The signing of the java midlet is complete.

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