How To Put Time On The Site

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How To Put Time On The Site
How To Put Time On The Site

Video: How To Put Time On The Site

Video: How To Put Time On The Site
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Time on site is a very useful feature. If a visitor does not have a clock at hand, and information about the time is not shown on the desktop, he will accurately rate the clock on your site. But how do you install them?

How to put time on the site
How to put time on the site


Step 1

Time is set either in the form of hours or in the form of ordinary numbers. In the first case, it is more convenient to use flash technologies, in the second, you can limit yourself to a simple programming language like javaScript. If you are not good at either, find watch codes on the Internet. There are sites with many useful scripts for their own resource. There you will also find a clock. Type in the search "clock for the site".

Step 2

You will be offered a huge number of different watches. Choose the ones that are more suitable for your website design. Please note that in most cases the size is spelled out exactly, and you cannot change it. Watches can be presented as fully electronic, or as usual, with arrows. The latter can also be with Roman or Arabic numerals. When choosing a watch, don't forget about your audience. For example, children will find it difficult to deal with a frilly dial.

Step 3

When choosing a flash clock, you will be prompted to download an archive with it. Download it. Inside there will be instructions for installing this particular clock on your website. Follow it.

Script clocks are installed directly from the Internet. You will see two codes: the actual script and the html code. The installation of the script code depends on how they are placed on your site. If in a separate file, add the code there. If on each page - the code must be added to the general site code. If you want to set the clock on a specific page of the site, set the code in the html-code of this page, between the and tags.

Step 4

The html code is set where the clock should appear. Please note that after installing the clock, the design may move out if you have not calculated the space for the clock. Refresh the page and check if everything is in order. If not, you will have to look for a new place for the clock.

Step 5

On some hosting, it is also possible to add a clock completely automatically. Widgets will help you with this. Whether such an opportunity is provided - find out on the official hosting website or on the technical support forum.

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