How To Update Chipset

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How To Update Chipset
How To Update Chipset

Chipset update usually means installing the latest driver for this device. As a rule, updating the drivers can improve the performance of the hardware and fix some errors in its operation.

How to update Chipset
How to update Chipset


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Step 1

Practice shows that it is almost impossible to update chipset drivers via the Internet. Visit the website of your motherboard manufacturer. Find the "Resources" or "Drivers" section on it. Most often, on such sites there are search strings that allow you to quickly navigate a large amount of software. Download the driver kit for your chipset.

Step 2

Now go to the properties of the "My Computer" menu, the icon of which is located in the "Start" menu. Open Device Manager. Find the "Computer" menu in the window that appears and expand it. Now right-click on the line that appears. Select Update Drivers.

Step 3

In the new menu, select the option "Search for drivers on this computer." Now click the "Browse" button and specify the path to the folder where you saved the downloaded drivers. Please note that you must first extract the files from the archive. Restart your computer after installing new drivers.

Step 4

If you were not able to independently search for the necessary drivers or are simply not sure that the selected kit is suitable for your chipset, download and install the Sam Drivers program. It represents the most complete database of drivers for popular devices.

Step 5

Open the folder where you installed the Sam Drivers program and run the DIA-drv.exe file. After opening this file, the process of evaluating computer hardware and searching for suitable drivers will start.

Step 6

Now find the Chipset item and check the box next to it. Click the Install Selected Items button and select the Automatic Install option. Wait for the driver installation process to complete and restart your computer.

Step 7

Run the program again and make sure the drivers are installed correctly.