How To Save Mail When Reinstalling

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How To Save Mail When Reinstalling
How To Save Mail When Reinstalling

Video: How To Save Mail When Reinstalling

Video: How To Save Mail When Reinstalling
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When you reinstall the operating system, you lose a lot of data used by various programs. Many email clients provide the function of exporting correspondence to further restore access to it after reinstallation.

How to save mail when reinstalling
How to save mail when reinstalling


  • - mail client;
  • - converter.


Step 1

If you need to preserve your email correspondence when reinstalling the operating system, use the export function. To do this, start your mail client and go to the menu of incoming messages in your mailbox, having previously authorized yourself in the program you are using. Select all the letters that you want to keep for further exporting them to the newly installed program.

Step 2

Find your email client toolbar and find the export email menu on it. After that, your messages must be saved to a file on a removable disk connected to your computer, or to any other drive that will not be formatted during the reinstallation of the operating system.

Step 3

Repeat this operation for the rest of your mail client folders. If you are not sure that only spam is in the category of questionable emails, make a backup copy as well. Also save the correspondence to a file on the same disk, then close the program and proceed to reinstall the operating system.

Step 4

After installing Windows on your computer, also install your email client that you used to exchange email messages earlier. Go to the message import menu from the tools menu and select the chat files you saved on the drive connected to your computer. Your old messages will be stored in the same sections as before, or in the archives menu, depending on the program you are using.

Step 5

For exporting mail messages to other clients, please make sure the message file extension is supported by the software, otherwise the data will not be read. You will need various converter programs here. Also use this instruction when reinstalling the mail client on your computer. Please note that many programs support the reinstallation mode without losing user data.

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