How To Copy Bookmarks From Opera

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How To Copy Bookmarks From Opera
How To Copy Bookmarks From Opera

Video: How To Copy Bookmarks From Opera

Video: How To Copy Bookmarks From Opera
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Anyone who works on the Internet for a long time with the popular Internet browser Opera is familiar with the unpleasant situation when your favorite browser suddenly stops opening and has to be reinstalled. It is good if you can restore all your individual settings. But if not, not only they are lost, but also numerous, accumulated over time, bookmarks for the necessary resources. To avoid this problem, it is better to take care of storing bookmarks in a safe place in advance.

How to copy bookmarks from Opera
How to copy bookmarks from Opera


Step 1

In order to enter the bookmarks control panel in Opera, move the mouse cursor over the main button of the main menu with the inscription “Opera”. In the list that opens, select the fourth line "Bookmarks", then go to the "Manage bookmarks" option and click it. Or select the key combination “Ctrl-Shift-B” You will open the bookmarks control panel.

Step 2

On the top menu bar, find the "File" tab and open the context menu. Next, select the "Save As" item in it. This will open a window with folders and files on your hard drive.

Step 3

By default, the browser usually opens the My Documents folder window, but if this does not suit you, choose a different directory to save the bookmarks file. At the bottom of the dialog box, find two lines: File Name and File Type. The file type is set by default; you do not need to change it. And in the line "File name" enter a name for your bookmarks.

Step 4

You can enter the name of the bookmark file in both Latin and Russian letters. Most importantly, do not change the default.adr extension. It is this that allows the browser to recognize the bookmark file and install it correctly.

Step 5

In order to restore saved bookmarks from a file, in the same main menu of the bookmarks control panel, select the "File" item and in the list that opens, click on the "Open" line. In the dialog box that opens, select a file with saved bookmarks and specify it. Then wait while Opera unzips the file and restores the bookmark list. If you have a lot of bookmarks, it may take some time.

Step 6

Keep in mind that when saving bookmarks from Opera to a file, in addition to saving them in the standard browser format, you can also save them in html format. In this case, in the future, you can open the bookmarks file not only in Opera, but also in any application that can recognize the html format, and view it without installing it into the browser.

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