How To Find A Person By His Last Name

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How To Find A Person By His Last Name
How To Find A Person By His Last Name

Video: How To Find A Person By His Last Name

Video: How To Find A Person By His Last Name
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Finding people with whom you have lost contact has been difficult and costly for many years. But in the 2000s, with the widespread use of the Internet, the exchange of information became much easier. Now it is often enough to know only the name of a person to find him.

How to find a person by his last name
How to find a person by his last name


Step 1

Enter the last name of the person you are interested in as a request to one of the search engines, for example, Google or Yandex. It is possible that in the resulting list of results you will find information about this person - his place of work or study, perhaps even the address, or at least the region and city of residence.

Step 2

Look for the person on social media. A younger student or a recent graduate should look for VKontakte. Older people usually visit the Odnoklassniki site. To search, you will have to register on the site. To search for "VKontakte" you will need to fill in a page with data about yourself at least thirty percent. Then use the search function to find the person you are interested in. If a search by last name does not return the desired result, use additional information such as place of study or date of graduation from school or university. When you find the right person, write him a private message that you want to contact him.

Step 3

Find information about a person through various databases. For example, telephone and address databases of some Russian cities are published on the Internet. But it should be borne in mind that they do not always contain complete and correct information.

Step 4

Find on the Internet the website of the university where the wanted person studied. Chances are high that his last name is on the alumni list, and also accompanied by his email address.

Step 5

If the person lives and works overseas, search for them using the local white page service site. This resource contains information about phone numbers and their owners. That is, all people who pay for utilities fall into such a database, except for those who write a special application to exclude his name and number from the directory.

Step 6

Contact the program "Wait for me". On the transfer website, you can leave an online application for participation in the program, as well as information about the person you want to find. You will be contacted by the transfer staff at the specified email address or phone number.

Step 7

Start your search through the regional or city archives. To do this, you will need to draw up a request for the information you are interested in and pass it on to the archive staff who issue certificates and extracts from documents. At the same time, keep in mind that, according to archival information, you most likely will not be able to determine the whereabouts of a person - most organizations transfer documents issued more than 15 years ago to the archive. During this time, the information given in them may become out of date.

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