How To Enable Voting

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How To Enable Voting
How To Enable Voting

Video: How To Enable Voting

Video: How To Enable Voting
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Nowadays, polls on a variety of topics are very often found on forums, websites and blogs. Based on their results, you can clearly see and evaluate the opinion of the majority of visitors to the resource about any problem. Voting also helps to select the winners in competitions.

How to enable voting
How to enable voting


Step 1

In order to enable voting on the site, create a table of answer options in the database with the following fields: id - unique identifier of the answer option; variant - the text of the answer option; count_vote - the number of users who chose this answer option.

Step 2

Get answers from users from the id form. Then calculate the number of votes for the entry with the resulting id, increase the result by one and write it back.

Step 3

Create a voting form and display the results on an HTML page.

Step 4

If the site where you have administrator rights initially provides for voting, then to enable it, enter the settings. Find the option "Enable polling on the site" and check the box next to the answer "Yes".

Step 5

To post a vote on the forum, create a new topic. Then find the additional option "Add poll", and in it - the required number of answer options. Click New Topic and on the next page edit the survey fields.

Step 6

If you want to create a poll on a blog using the WordPress engine, then download one of the plugins suitable for this engine. After installing it, a new item Polls should appear in the menu. Click on the Add Poll link, in the field that appears, write your question and the answers to it.

Step 7

To enable voting on "@Diaries", go to your blog, find the list of settings entitled "My Diary" and click on the line "New Entry".

Step 8

At the bottom of the message field that appears above the "Send" button, find the "Voting" option and use the mouse to put a tick next to it. Fields for question and answers will open. You can choose both simple and multivariate voting.

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