How To Enable Gamemode In Minecraft

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How To Enable Gamemode In Minecraft
How To Enable Gamemode In Minecraft

Video: How To Enable Gamemode In Minecraft

Video: How To Enable Gamemode In Minecraft
Video: Using Commands in Minecraft: Getting Started and the /gamemode Command [/gamemode 1,2,3,u00264] | 1.11.2 2023, May

Many users of the super-popular game Minecraft dream of knowing it from different angles. They, as a rule, have an idea of the existence of different modes, in each of which the gameplay is interesting in its own way. Therefore, gamers want to properly configure the gamemode function in order to switch to different mode options if necessary.

Switching modes will allow the player to discover Minecraft from different angles
Switching modes will allow the player to discover Minecraft from different angles

It is necessary

  • - special mods and plugins
  • - special teams
  • - own server


Step 1

If you do not leave the thought of trying out the different modes of Minecraft, proceed depending on whether you are participating in a single or multiplayer game. In the first case, you can switch gamemode in several ways. First, make sure that your copy of the game contains or does not have such a function - it is only in some of its versions. To do this, exit the gameplay to the game menu and study its items. In a situation where gamemode is not among them, try other ways to switch it.

Step 2

Install special mods, which provide for the inclusion of various game modes. Download their installation files from trusted online resources. Opt for Not Enough Items, Single Player Commands, Too Many Items or other similar mods. In many of them, the mode you need is turned on without having to go to the main menu - simply by pressing the corresponding button on the game screen. Choose only what you need at a particular moment of the gameplay: Creative - creative mode, Survival - survival, Adventure - adventures (where there are restrictions on the extraction of blocks and the tools used in this).

Step 3

Use whatever command is appropriate to enable the desired gamemode. Try different versions of them, because it is difficult to predict which "magic" phrase will work in your case - it all depends on the version of Minecraft you have installed and its modifications. Remember the numbers assigned to each mode: 0 - Survival, 1 - Creative, 2 - Adventure. Enter in the command console / gamemode or / gm and separated by a space - the desired numerical value. You can also try to write the names of the modes in English - / survival, / creative or / adventure, respectively.

Step 4

Use the above commands on servers and other multiplayer resources - of course, when receiving Permissions from the leaders of such a game portal. In the case when you are the admin, just configure the appropriate server settings. Open the document in a text editor and find the line gamemode in it. Now write down the desired numerical indicator (0, 1 or 2) after the equal sign - depending on which mode you choose by default. You don't have to change it every time. In the future, to switch creative to survival or adventure, use the console command / gamemode.

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