What Social Networks Exist

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What Social Networks Exist
What Social Networks Exist

Video: What Social Networks Exist

Video: What Social Networks Exist
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There are more than 20 major social networks in the world. More than 100 million users are registered in 13 of them. On these services, people create their own page, add friends, meet new people, chat, watch videos and listen to music. Recently, social networks have become very popular not only among young people, but also among adults.

What social networks exist
What social networks exist

Popular world social networks are created in the USA, China, England and Russia. Japan and Belarus also have their own social networks, common in their country.

The most popular networks

The most popular and most numerous server is rightfully Facebook. Almost one and a half billion accounts are registered on it. There are more than a billion active members, these are users from many countries. The service is very convenient, except for English, it supports the state language in almost all countries where it is widely spoken. For example, Facebook is Russified well, many features of the language are taken into account, it is pleasant to use it. Facebook has been working for 10 years, in February 2014 it celebrates its anniversary.

A year after the launch of Facebook, a new site was launched: Youtube, which is one of the famous video hosting sites. In one day, more than 4 billion videos are viewed on the site, there are more than a billion registered users.

The popular social network of bloggers is called Tumblr, despite its American origin, it is Russified quite well. Number of users - 140 million


The first two social networks in the world were opened: QQ in China and LinkedIn in the USA, this happened in 2003. QQ is a messaging service, just like in ICQ, only it was created in the form of a social network. There are more than 300 million users worldwide, of which more than half are Chinese.

But the first American social network LinkedIn was created for businessmen. Job advertisements were posted here, company owners and managers were looking for partners and studying competitors. Now the network is used by more than 200 million people from all over the world.

The most popular English social network is Badoo. It has about 200 million registered accounts.

Actively developing

The youngest and most actively developing network is Google+. It was created by the management of Google in 2011. In just two years, the number of accounts reached 500 million. Although it is known why, all users of mailboxes and services from Google automatically received their own account in the social network. The number of active users is only 250 million, that is, two times less.

Russian services

The most popular social networks in Russia were opened in 2006. These services are called VKontakte and Odnoklassniki. While the first network is for young people, the second is for the older generation. Vkontakte has over 80 million active accounts, over 300 million page views every day. More than 200 million people are registered on Odnoklassniki, of which about 150 million are active. Slightly fewer users are on the well-known social network Mail.ru - My World.

The number of Russian users has been growing in recent years on one popular American site - Twitter. Now the number of "tweets" is 200 million. The site's users are more than half a billion.

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