What Is The Largest Social Network

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What Is The Largest Social Network
What Is The Largest Social Network

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Video: What Is The Largest Social Network
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In July 2013, it was estimated that 1.2 billion people are users of the social network Facebook. The project was launched relatively recently - on February 4, 2004. Mark Zuckerberg could not have imagined that in a few years his crazy idea was transforming into the largest social network in the world.

What is the largest social network
What is the largest social network


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Perhaps the popularity of Facebook is due to the fact that it was the first social network. She became the prototype for other similar resources. Initially, Zuckerberg's goal was to create a program that could unite all students of his educational institution - Harvard. He dreamed of giving the opportunity to exchange not only text, but also graphic information, to show his attitude to certain messages.

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Previously, only those who had a mailbox in the.edu domain could register with Facebook, that is, only students or schoolchildren. However, within just a few months, the network became so popular that the question arose about the possibility of registering everyone. This was implemented in 2005.

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Its sociality has become the main feature of the network. Now you can find and add pages of classmates, classmates, relatives, casual acquaintances, friends and colleagues to your profile. Each user has the right to indicate only the information that he considers necessary. The more fields are filled in, the easier it is to find friends with the same interests. Zuckerberg considered it very important to be able to communicate both using private messages and in the mode of public comments. A little later, the function of commenting photos appeared.

Step 4

A year after its launch, Facebook had over 1 million registered users. In 2005, $ 500,000 was invested in the social network, followed by another $ 12.7 million and $ 27.5 million.

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In 2006, the first rumors about the sale of Facebook appeared. The buyer, whose name is still kept secret, offered $ 750 million for the social network. Later, Yahoo was ready to pay 1 billion. However, Mark Zuckerberg was adamant. Only in 2007, part of the shares (only 1, 6 percent) was sold to Microsoft for a lot of money - $ 240 million. The total cost of the social network was already around 15 billion.

Step 6

Today Facebook brings in over $ 20 million to its shareholders every month. However, users do not get tired of wondering why all the pages are not yet covered with annoying advertising banners. The company's management has chosen a different method of monetization: the possibility of paid creation of pages and groups for commercial firms, as well as various additional paid services.

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