How To Assign A Mailing Address

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How To Assign A Mailing Address
How To Assign A Mailing Address

Video: How To Assign A Mailing Address

Video: How To Assign A Mailing Address
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E-mail has become the most popular means of communication and is on a par with mobile phones. To create your own e-mail, you need to use a certain algorithm of actions.

How to assign a postal address
How to assign a postal address


Step 1

First of all, decide on which service you want to create an email account. Today, the most popular free mail services that have withstood fierce competition among hundreds of their own kind are:,,,, and

Step 2

If you do not know which of the above services to give preference to, study a brief description of each of them. The mail has, in addition to the main one, the domains: @, @ and @ The main advantages of are: agent - a program for checking new mail, reliable protection against spam and viruses, a diary for time planning, support for mail programs, auto-signature and autoresponder, effective mail filters.

Step 3

Give preference to Yandex mail, if such a parameter as the volume of a mailbox is important to you. Here it has no restrictions, the user can increase the volume in portions of 20 MB while using the already available space. The "spam defense" system, developed by Yandex specialists, will effectively protect the mailbox from spam and bulk mailings. It is possible to disable banners. Virus protection is provided by Dr. Web. The rest of the postal systems offer basically the same set of services as those listed above.

Step 4

Having made a choice in favor of a particular service, go to its main page and click the "Register" button. After filling in personal data about yourself (last name, first name, date of birth, etc.), indicate the name of the mailbox, that is, assign a postal address.

Step 5

Write the mailbox name in English letters, Cyrillic is unacceptable. You can also use numbers, underscore ("_"), period ("."), Dash ("-"). From the drop-down list, select the domain name you like, where possible. The service will check if this email address is free, and if it is free, you will proceed to enter the password.

Step 6

Come up with a complex password, consisting of different case English letters, numbers and special characters that can be viewed in the email program.

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